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New 11/23/07

"At All"

One track with Buckethead and Travis Dickerson playing, but otherwise instruments and vocals by Viggo Mortensen. With titles like "Blacksburg", "Sorrow Acre". "Bomb This" , and "Fear's Echo", these soundscapes are not an invitation to drift off to sleep, but neither do they prohibit dreaming. As Poe put it, "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night". Recorded in 2007, shortly before the recently-released piano C.D.Time Waits For Everyone.
C.D., 9 tracks, nearly 50 minutes of mostly instrumental music

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Time Waits For Everyone

There are pianos everywhere, there for the playing, there for the
sound of places, to turn the soil, to uncover the roots of things, as
roadmaps to our true motives, instructing, retelling, drawing from
us -- with a patience and sincerity we may not always manage on
our own -- what is essential about breathing and dreaming, what
may really be happening as we run blood through ourselves, share
or take it from others, passing into Autumn, only just aware of the trees.
-piano improvisations found in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Russia, and in rememberance of things past. Played by Viggo Mortensen,
recorded by Travis Dickerson.


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Scott Wannberg, Hank Mortensen,
and Viggo Mortensen
A two-disc CD/DVD that documents the reading given by Scott Wannberg, Hank Mortensen, and Viggo Mortensen on April Fool's Day 2006 at the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, in Venice, California. Part of proceeds from sales will benefit Beyond Baroque.

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Buckethead and Viggo Mortensen
This seventh full-length musical collaboration between Buckethead and Viggo Mortensen also includes contributions from Travis Dickerson, Henry Mortensen, Walter Mortensen, and Brigit. INTELLIGENCE FAILURE is a musical ode to the dream of preserving loving, civilized society in trying, often cruel times. Rising above the deceit and greed that have plagued and eventually conquered all the world's empires, there have always been brave individuals and isolated groups that have stubbornly refused to surrender their belief in humanity. This collection is dedicated to them. Combining variations on traditional melodies with original compositions and improvisation, as on previous Buckethead/Viggo recordings, this C.D. also draws from freely available statements by public figures to tell a part of the story of our time. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, INTELLIGENCE FAILURE is never anything less than fully-committed to an honest examination of where we are, and to expressing hope for where we might go. $10
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Download an excerpt of"What kind of Nation" from "Intelligence Failure" here


This That and The Other
In response to countless requests to re-issue earlier Buckethead/Viggo material, much of which is no longer available, Perceval Press offers this nearly 44-minute compilation of re-mastered selections from five different CDs, along with three new unreleased tracks. Included are selections from One Less Thing To Worry About (1997), The Other Parade (1998), One Man's Meat (1999), Pandemoniumfromamerica (2003), and Please Tomorrow (2004). The three new tracks are called This, That, and The Other. This CD is dedicated to any and all trees, living or dead, inhabited or not. $13.00

1. This (1:26)!
2. Edit (:29)*
3. Massage School (4:31)**
4. Cuttings (:44)*
5. Necessity of Lorca (1:12)
6. Moonset (1:23)*****
7. Laureles (:15)*
8. Eleonora (1:08)*
9. Leave It (2:27)****
10. Parker (1:07)*
11. The Show (:57)*
12. Clear (:45)*
13. Trouble at the Launchpad (4:12)**
14. Otoño Catalán ((:40)*
15. Cursive (:38)*
16. Chicken Surgery(2:04)***
17. That (4:00)!
18. To Sleep (:31)*
19. Independence (1:36)*

20. Week Ends (1:56)*
21. Jack’s Box (:39)***
22. Ganas (:23)*
23. Wading (:33)*
24. Matinee (:20)*
25. Den Gang Jeg drog Afsted (3:38)****
26. The New Year (:17)*
27. Prepare (:47)*
28. They Ate Your Family (1:22)****
29. Blow (:19)*
30. The Other (2:51)!

* One Less Thing To Worry About (1997)
** The Other Parade (1998)
*** One Man’s Meat (1999)
**** Pandemoniumfromamerica (2003)
***** Please Tomorrow (2004)
! new tracks

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please tomorrow viggo mortensen
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please tomorrow viggo mortensen

please tomorrow viggo mortensen


The fruit of another Buckethead/Viggo collaboration,
this is a story of a single "long night's journey into day," an eight-part instrumental
exploration of dusk to dawn in late autumn. "Please Tomorrow" is a
series of haunting but ultimately hopeful soundscapes, rooted in and
longing for dreamtime. All fauna and flora, present though nameless,
dead or alive, on this CD are real. Also featured are Travis and Henry,
veterans of such Buckethead/Viggo recordings as "The
Other Parade" and "Pandemoniumfromamerica."

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spoken word, songs and music with X's Exene and D.J.Bonebrakeand Buckethead on bass and guitar

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Tracks from this release can be found on the collection
This That and The Other
see above





One Mans Meat : An exploration of meat and meat by products conceived and performed by carnivores and vegetarians, for consumption by all. A collaboration of music, poetry, noise, and silence by D. J. Bonebrake, Buckethead, Exene, Travis Dickerson, Adrian Esparza, Lysa Flores, Zak Marmalesfsky, Hank Mortensen, Viggo Mortensen, Pilar Perez, and Donita Sparks.

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Tracks from this release can be found on the collection
This That and The Other
see above



Readings by: Viggo Mortensen, Exene Cervenka, Tom Patchet, Karen Finley, and Jerry Stahl

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The Other Parade is a collection of mood altering sound experiments from the same folks that brought you One Less Thing To Worry About. Buckethead,Exene,D.J.Bonebrake and others.

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Tracks from this release can be found on the collection
This That and The Other
see above