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BotCon 2009 Concert

Started by Mixmaster, June 05, 2009, 07:52:50 pm

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A Short question to Vince.

How was the BotCon 2009 Concert going?
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.

Vince DiCola

Hi Mixmaster,

I had a great time at BotCon \'09 and I\'m hoping there will be some video up on YouTube shortly.  I know Hasbro took some footage at the concert at Paramount Studios, and that event went very well.  The crowd reacted very favorably and enthusiastically for both my set and Stan Bush\'s material, and when we came back on at the end of the night to play a cover set, that part of the evening was received very well also.

Regarding the convention itself, once again I found myself pleasantly surprised by the number of fans who continue to express support for my original score from the 1986 movie, and I\'m so grateful to all those who continue to attend these conventions and express interest in getting my autograph or their picture taken with me!  It\'s quite rewarding and gratifying, and it continues to motivate me to keep doing my best.

Thanks for writing.