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Deli Creeps Effect Pedal Question

Started by BucketBrother, March 19, 2009, 02:05:50 pm

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I wondered if anyone knew what the effect pedal is used on "Buried Deep Stays Buried Still" 16 seconds into the song?  
Sounds like the same effect Daft Punk use alot.  
If anyone can shed any light i would appreciate it.

Peace out


Could be some kind of modulater or some other effect used with a wah.


I think it\'s called a yah-yah effect, and can be found on DigiTech multi effects pedals, my friend has one.


Thanks for the info guys.  I just found a Boss AW3 with "humanizer" effect.  Sounds pretty close.  I\'ll check out the one\'s you mentioned too.  

Peace out