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A Familiar part of a Song.

Started by Mixmaster, March 03, 2009, 07:06:51 pm

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I\'ve got a question for Vince DiCola.

Since I came to know TDRSmusic.com and Vince DiCola, I\'ve been collecting for so far almost every record there is in the shop from Vince.

Though I\'ve noticed something about several pieces of music, that made me very curious to know more about a certain piece... or better said certain part of those songs.

The part that I mean is within the song "Concerto" on the "In Vince Ible" Album, from time marker 02:22 till 03:15... it\'s in the song "A.P.B." from the album "Falling off a Cleff...", time marker 03:15 till 04:15, It\'s also in the song the "Hidden Track" of the CD "The Protoform Sessions" Time Marker 09:20 till 10:22. If I may missed out some other songs, where this perticular part of music is hidden, please let me know.

I would love to know the story behind this very rapid part of chords, arpeggio\'s and scale\'s. Seeing.... better said, hearing that this part seems to be within several songs, I can only guess that this piece holds a very special meaning.

Vince I hope to learn the secret of this piece. Thanks in advance and I\'ll be awaiting your latest release.

Niels Berndsen, Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands.
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.

Vince DiCola

Hello Niels,

Yes, the section of "Concerto" you\'re referring to does show up in a few different places on various collections that have been previously released.  And yes, the piece does have special meaning for me as it was originally conceived (more than 15 years ago) as a tribute to my parents.  The original title of the entire piece is actually "Concerto from a Grateful Son" but I decided to shorten it for the "In-VINCE-ible!" collections.

I can\'t recall that particular section being included anywhere on "Protoform Sessions" but I\'ll go back and check that out.

When I performed at the NAMM convention years ago, Doane Perry and I performed a different version of "A.P.B." that featured this passage as well, but we also included a prog rock version of Led Zeppelin\'s "Kashmir".  I also performed this version with an entire band at a concert I did in my hometown of Lancaster, PA, back in May of 2000.  There are recordings of both, but I\'m not happy with the recording quality of either so I don\'t know if I\'ll ever release them.

The nice thing about an instrumental statement of this nature is that it can presented and it sounds effective in either a rock or classical context.  Thanks for your comments about it.