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Started by xmuseth, February 13, 2009, 07:07:48 am

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Vince, if you are out there - question for ya.  Do you know where one could obtain printed score of your work - (i.e. Training  Montage, Hearts on Fire, Death of Optimus Prime, Unicron\'s Theme)?   Your compositions have been a huge inspiration to my own work and (with your permission, of course) would like to arrange some of these works, specifically the ones aforementioned, to the 7 string acoustic guitar.  I can do a great deal by ear, but can\'t get some of the underlying harmonic structures of your tunes simply by listening.  Side question - any new movies upcoming to look for your work in?   :-/

Vince DiCola


I\'ve never seen any sheet music for any of my film music, although I imagine that at least some of my STAYING ALIVE, ROCKY IV and TRANSFORMERS material was published at some point and is available somewhere online.  Then again, maybe you\'ve already done a search (?).   I never really had a need to have any of my film music set to manuscript since there was very little orchestra involved and most of the fantastic players we used learned everything by ear.  I do seem to recall that a copyist was hired by the film companies, but I do not personally have any sheet music to any of my film music.  (If you find any, let me know!)

Regarding the question at the end of your post, I was hoping to have some good news to report about the upcoming Transformers movie but unfortunately I just found out there is no opening for any score music on that project.  Steve Jablonsky - the composer who scored the 2007 film - is scoring again.  At any rate, when there\'s any new movie music news to report I will certainly do so here.