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Rocky Q\'s for Vince

Started by nicolai, August 11, 2008, 02:03:02 pm

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Hi Vince,

Firstly just wanted to say how much i enjoy your music and your playing. Absolute inspiration for me!
Now, more specifically, I was actually wondering if you still have access to the recorded tracks for War, Training Montage & Hearts on Fire that actually made it on to the Rocky 4 movie itself? I understand you released these at a later date(and on the soundtrack) but they differed somewhat to the movie versions and I loved all the extra layers that you used on the actual movie - more guitars, more changes, extra long ending on Hearts on Fire etc etc
Any way to access these tracks anymore? That being outside of recording the actual sound off the movie which includes all the unneccessary sly and dolph grunting noises etc.

Would love to know!
Keep up the great writing and playing.


Dude - nice that you even picked up that the tracks are different. Good luck in getting a response from the Vince man himself.

Vince DiCola


Sorry for the long delay in my response here.  I\'ve addressed this issue a few times already here but I\'m happy to do so again.  Yes I do have decent recordings of the original film versions of my ROCKY IV music in my possession.  However, after several attempts over the years I have not yet received permission to release this material on my own.  I\'m still working on this and will make an announcement here if and when I\'m able to overcome this hurdle.

Once again I sincerely appreciate all the ongoing interest in this material.