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Draco on D.O.E.

Started by Duckhead, September 26, 2008, 01:45:31 am

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I totally dig "Draco" on the Dragons Of Eden cd. My guess is that it is in reference to Draco the latin word for dragon, also a term for the asian flying lizard. Maybe it could be in reference to the comic book character of the same name who is half dragon half human. But to me in my warped little brain it is about Draco, the evil warlord and ex-lover of Xena Warrior Princess. Draco was skilled in killing, looting villages, kidnapping virgins and selling women. Draco later gets a spell cast on him with a love arrow by Aphrodite\'s grandson (baby Cupid) and falls in love with Gabrielle. At the end of the series Draco still thinks he can make Gabby love her and turns to fighting for good to win her heart. That\'s what I think of when I hear the song.

Ya - for me Xena is to tv as Buckethead is to music - they are both the best!!