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Grenada Theater, Lawrence, Kansas 9/23/08

Started by beelzeBob, September 26, 2008, 04:27:29 am

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I treked up to up to the home of the Kansas Jayhawks; 2008 NCAA Champs; 2008 Orange Bowl Champs ::) ((Im a huge OU Sooner fan BTW)) with my main homie, HASTUR, to check out Buckethead with That One Guy. As usual it was a blisteringly fun show.
Unusual was the setlist, of which I was able to attain the second half of (I shared the first half with a fellow bucketbot who was also asking for it). Those people who have complained in the past that buckethead always plays the same stuff every tour will regret skipping the show this time around. Buck played lots of newer material including several tracks of off the 2 new tour only cds...
That One guy was outstanding! It is the 3rd time I have seen his act and it is truely one of the most unique live shows ive witnessed. Great pairing with buckethead. He can do just about everything with the magic pipe, which i heard through the crowd had been ripped off in Wisconsin causing him to cancel a couple of shows. Thank whatever god you do or do not believe in that he rebuilt it like the six million Several young babes behind me were treating him like the 5th Beatle. :P He also played the magic boot; an amplified cowboy boot, and a saw, also amped up. He played about 35-45 minutes and killed. He also came out and played later at the end of Bucketheads set.  
Bucket had some hesitation at the beggining becuase of tech problems. It took all of 2 minutes to work them out and then he proceeded to shred for the next 2 hours solo with the IPOD. Then That One Guy came out and played with him for about another 20-25 imnutes. They played at least 2 tracks off their new cd as the Frankenstein Brothers. It was so good!
My only complaint was the crowd. Seriuosly folks moshing is late 80\'s. I seriously wanted to punch someone, and I am a pacifist!
Props to Angie and Bricker, fellow bots from Joplin, MO (met them last year at the Lawrence show), the blind girl and her old man (sorry I forgot yer names), the cuties smokin weed behind us, and the chick in red in front of me for running "That Chick" (the drunk girl who thinks she can cut in front of anybody). Most Importantly thanks to Buckethead for bring joy and wonder to my world and That One Guy for joining in on the ride.

Setlist: Lawrence KS 9/23/8 (second page)

Hendrix Foxy-Lady
Click 8 Live
Computer Master
Earth Heals Raw
Parliment Red Hot
(something in Japanese?)
Song 1 Live
Banshee Click 2
Battery Cage
Toy Store
Welcome to Bucketheadland
(more Japanese)

He also played Soothsayer, and Oakridge Cake. I think he played Sail on Soothsayer as well.
Eye Feel Fine(d)
I Feel Find
I Fell, Fin.


Hey thanks for the was good seeing you and Ron again.....I will definitely be at Cain\'s, I think Bricker has the day off for Veteran\'s Day, so we are planning on hanging out in Tulsa all day, we should get together and have an early dinner and some brews b4 the show.  It\'s fun waiting in line with youts guys too!

I had to run a couple of drunken chicks off as well...I think that one was hot for me....she kept feeling me up and trying to get past me to the stage...unnh uhhh sister......she was outta her mind on something, I couldn\'t get a coherent response out of her at all......I finally had to lay the Ang hammer down.......  jeez Louise!