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Travis what happened to the Death Cube K album

Started by Bucketfel, May 23, 2008, 12:46:50 am

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hi travis sorry to bother you know but i developed a certain bond with Death Cube K recently (specially with Maggot Dream) and i started to ask myself when will the cd Thorn from Black Space will come out or what is the project status (you know like "we are working on it", or "Death Cube K is busy at the moment to continue the project")
becose i think some of the fans are interested on knowing about this.

or maybe the question isnt that one and is ┬┐Will Death Cube K release this album (if he release it) in the label?
He works on the farm,
He makes fun of me,
But thats the lats thing youll see,
Cuz im gone use him for something that you wont understand

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