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Saying Hi to Vince DiCola

Started by melissa610, April 20, 2008, 08:14:54 pm

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Just wanted to post a message to Vince DiCola.  Back in good ol\' PA, my former husband was in a band with Vince, and I remember fondly the times we spent with Vince, Joe (my ex) Dave, and Vince\'s wife Beth.  So, hi to Vince and Beth!  Hope all is well.  The music is as fantastic as ever!  

Vince DiCola

Hi Melissa!

I remember you well!  Great times with Joe and Dave playing all that ELP stuff!  I\'ve kept in touch with Dave quite a bit throughout the years and Dave runs into Joe from time to time.  It sounds like everyone\'s doing well back there.  Great to hear from you and I hope all is well.  Thanks for writing!


PS: I know Beth will be pleased to hear that I received a message from you here, and I\'m sure I\'m speaking for Beth in saying what a pleasant surprise it is to hear from you after all these years!


Hi Vince!

Great to hear from you too.  I\'m living in Woodland Hills these days and teaching at Ventura College.  Finally got out of Columbia!  I still hear from Joe occasionally, and we had a nice visit when I went back for a short time last Spring.  He\'ll be happy to know we got in touch.  Where are you two living?  Perhaps one day we can get together for a Lancaster County reunion!  Please give Beth my love.

Take care,