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My 10 second descriptions of the albums.

Started by slunkatron, November 02, 2007, 11:01:56 pm

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CS:  Volume 14 of ISOT with the note that it is probably the best of the bunch.  Crazy, trippy Acoustic Shards acid trip type track 2 and track 4 is a beautiful mellow wedge.

KNH:  Sounds like Electric Tears, Bermuda Triangle, and ISOT rolled into one crazy, mellowish spring roll of musical delight.

DTBB:  Right in line with EMAC and CSS.  If that is what you are looking for, what are you still reading this for?  Order it now!  

 I hope that helps people decide which albums are for them.



Sounds like Kevin\'s Noodle House is my kind of thing.

Can you also tell me which are your favorites? Thanks man.


Nice! Sounds like I\'ll be lovin\' all of them, but I\'d be willing to bet that I\'ll like "Decoding..." the best. I love everything Buckethead, but I\'m partial to the crisp sound of EMAC and CSS, and if this one is anything like that I\'ll be one happy camper.


that\'s great news. I\'ve been waiting for some mellow buckethead stuff for ages


QuoteDTBB:  Right in line with EMAC and CSS.  If that is what you are looking for, what are you still reading this for?

Cuz i m waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail ofcourse!!!!

You Are What You IS, You Ain't What You Not!


YES, i got it DTTOB in the mail today!

Thank you Buckethead!

You Are What You IS, You Ain't What You Not!


Just wanted to update and say that DTBB is really probably more like PG in that it is sort of stream-lined and has a very coherent feel to the whole album.  Definitely it is the one to get for heavy head-banging riffing.  Oh, and KNH gets etter every time I listen to it.  Just some really cool and interesting tracks on that one.


I got my cd\'s today! I may have to order slunks soon.


Decoding is like EMAC, CCS, PG, another EPIC solo release,I havn\'t givin the others there time yet. ;D
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Mr Bocbacoc
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Track 4 on CS is just beautiful.  If there is a heaven, this is what it sounds like.
My head is my only house unless it rains. - Don Van Vliet

Chris DiCicco

Hey U Bots My CS skips on track 4 does anyone else\'s?

first at 4:03 then really good at 6:00... er there abouts.

It could also be due to the fact that I still have an old Sony CFD-50 Boombox and the laser is worn out?

it from the early 90\'s? I thunk...

I\'m not complaining and its kinda artsy but......................

Chris DiCicco

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My head is my only house unless it rains. - Don Van Vliet


You guys are right on when comparing Tomb of Bansheebot to the other latest releases, like EMAC, CSS and PG. VERY COOL record!! Thank you again, Mr Buckethead.

Streamlined and flow are words I\'ve seen that totally make sense. With these record it seems that BH has really found his new sound. I know that\'s sounds kinda lame, cuz he\'s always had a sound. But before it was almost like more formula and schtick, than sound. Am I making sense?

These latest offerings are such great guitar instrumental albums. I love how they cover so many areas, and dip and dive around. From the speedy rhythms to the beautiful, "Population Override" type of vibe, I just dig how he\'s been piecing these things together.

"Disecto" is trippy, "I can only carry 50 chickens at a time" flat out rips and has a very distinctive sound. "Stretching Lighthouse" is a beaut, too.

And as always, great song names, a la Buckethead. "Checkerboard Incision" is my fav for that.

I haven\'t listened to Cybord yet and I\'ve only briefly listened to Kevin\'s Noodles. It\'ll be hard to get me out of the tomb, I know that much.

Thx again Big B!


The Van Halen quote early in on track 1 on Cyborg Slunks had me cracking up ! ?!  !  ::)
 Track 4 is beautiful.
DTTOB is super tight. Bucket and Monti, awsome as always  8)
Much to digest here.......