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hey Travis.. would it be legal?

Started by rick, April 26, 2005, 10:30:12 pm

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hey Travis.. what\'s up??

I was just wondering... Would it be legal to distribute music from Flesh for the beast into the fan community?

since there is not soundtrack i was wondering if this fair game or not.
Thanks Travis..

your law-abiding fan,


No That music is copyrighted.  There does seem to be some idea floating around that if something is currently out of print or not being distributed it  is fair game, but this material is copyrighted just the same and it\'s illegal  to copy or redistribute without an agreement from the copyright holder. People interested in finding copyrights holders should contact the Harry Fox Agency who control copyright management.


I guess you\'re not exactly overjoyed when you see stuff like this on eBay then.

Talk about blatant violations.  >:(
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


April 27, 2005, 01:01:36 am #3 Last Edit: April 27, 2005, 01:02:50 am by SNGWTHME
How do people get away with this?
I am disgusted when I hear about things like this. Can not the artists go after those who are putting these things on places such as Ebay? and how can Ebay allow it?
I just dont understand.


There has been a rash of bootleg Viggo CDs on ebay. The money is just so tempting and there seems to be a climate of looking the other way on ebay and -- hell -- everywhere. The "Flesh" soundtrack is owned by the movie company that put it out. They always have -- and still do, as far as I know  -- planned on releasing it as a soundtrack. I\'m sure they are waiting to sell off the current pressing of the movie and feel that a soundtrack CD might hurt the movie\'s sales. I\'m just guessing but that\'s the feeling I get. I hate copy protection or encryption; it only hurts people who have fair-use rights. I don\'t really even have a problem with file sharing: To some extent I think it can be good for artists, but I do worry about a mind set that rationalizes that you should never have to pay for music.  I hope the market and the technologies find a working balance that allows for the fair use of digital arts yet allows for the artists and those who invest in them (as opposed to those who exploit artists) to make enough to continue to do so.  I find myself on the fence about the issue.  I\'m as excited as anyone about the whole networking revolution, but as an artist it\'s frustrating to put out a record like "Axiology" independently and having it not come close to covering its production costs and seeing it on trading networks everywhere.  I\'m happy people like it enough to distribute it, but I may have a hard time pressing another record. I remain optimistic, but worried a bit at the same time.
There is a big difference between selling bootlegs and file sharing out of print music but as I have spoken about here  just because something is out of print doesn\'t mean the artist doesn\'t deserve  your consideration ( see my artist support page).


just because something is out of print doesn\'t mean the artist doesn\'t deserve  your consideration

I totally agree, I always buy original cd\'s instead of downloading etc.  

This is the musicians career and how they make their living, we should respect that.


Right on. One of the reasons I\'m so glad when people can either burn (I was going to say "press", showing my age  ::)) more of the OOP stuff, or do new compilations, like we\'ve seen here.

These public auction sites are supposed to have controls but in practice they seldom use them. I think having a private sales & auction site  is good, Travis. Unfortunately it doesn\'t eliminate the bootleggers, but at least it provides a spot for support of the original musicians.

Oh and speaking of private auctions & OOP material, I\'m really enjoying the Top Jimmy Lineup! If I didn\'t already have a copy of Misfits I\'d be going after that one too.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


I had a friend of mine call me the other day and start complaining about the quality of her Please Tomorrow CD.  She had bought it because I liked mine so much.  I asked if she bought it here and she says no, at eBay.  The thing had no cover-paper thingy (sorry, i don\'t know what that is called)  and came in a paper sleeve thing.  I put it in my CD player and it, literally was from someone burning CD player to CD player or something. Complete with background noise.  I told her to come here and the CD she buys will be of perfect quality.  But, that\'s what happens I guess when you don\'t buy direct.
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