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Secret Recipe

Started by spencer, April 02, 2005, 03:40:33 am

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Hey Travis, are you going to get in any copies of Bucket\'s Secret Recipe DVD?  They\'re at his latest shows, but those are all east coast ones.   :\'(


I believe the company that\'s releasing the DVD agreed to let Buckethead take a few DVD\'s out on the road with him for his fans but for the time being until a pending distribution deal is finalized I don\'t think I\'ll be able to get any. I\'m going to try but we sure don\'t want to do anything to jeopardize the pending agreement of the party\'s involved and add to any more that it is humanly possible that is, the excruciating, mind numbing delays we\'ve seen so far seeing this thing released.


Ok, so it\'s not only going to be sold on the road, right?  I thought maybe the deal went out the window and he was just taking the ones that were made on the road.  

I\'m still going to try and get one from the shows, but that\'s a load off of my shoulders if they\'re still coming out.


Chris DiCicco

 ;) I\'t will be awhile I herd 2007....?

But I\'m mistifide its being distributed on the road? very weird....

Waiting is to much I agree, but Look at Brian Wilson it took him 37 some odd years to release Smile.

It\'ll be worth it just gotta bide yer time, what I\'m affraid of is the record store dealers will say ( I\'ll be Shunned for this....) Buckethead he doesn\'t sell records, why would a DVD sell faster.... ( Hate it my self ) bad Chris BAD, thoughts like that will get me into trouble...

Chud.com has a nice spred on Secret Recipe but it also says Bucket will be on Tour this summer with Guns N Roses SO...


I never sleep anymore, Chris
The Exosphere  2013


I cant F***ing wait til 2007!!!!

 >:( :\'(


Where did you hear 2007? My understanding is an arrangement is being worked on for right now. Although my information is based on speculation as much as anyones.


Quote;) I\'t will be awhile I herd 2007....?

That\'s where he heard it.

But it\'s already at the distributors, and made (that\'s important), so I think half the battle is finished.

Chris DiCicco

Sorry, but it\'s only what I herd, they\'er selling Secret Recipe for 100 dollars a pop on Ebay, go there if you want it so bad, my source I beleive was the posts on the BucketBoard, but Buckethead is giveing them out at the Praxis shows and Galactic shows, so if you are lucky enough to be in that part part of the US of A, picker self up a copy, also the other rumour is there is No video lesson on the ones at show and one Ebay.

I\'m sorry to all of the nice record store clerks and Managers, whom I know that was just my asumption of them in a whole, and probably does not reflect there inner likes for or about Music, Buckethead I\'m sorry also. What I said was cruel and unworthy....

Chris DiCicco
The Exosphere  2013


if there\'s not a lesson there, where is there a video lesson?  It doesn\'t make sense they\'re all the same dvds.

Chris DiCicco

Ebay is No Good.... Grrrrrrr Ebay! Secret Recipe is up to 154.99 er something, if you got it shell it out...... Grrrrrrrr Ebay!...

the VL should be on the in Production one, I think (click) ...

I\'m not the inside man here just an artist, wanting the art.


The Exosphere  2013


dude, i don\'t think tehre\'s any difference between the "in production" one and the show one.  they\'re all the same, just bucket got some from the distributor.

Chris DiCicco

I\'ll be happy with it, No Matter WHAT! I hope Butthouse and Travis Make an apperance in there somewhere....

 ::) Chris
The Exosphere  2013


I went to the Chicago HOB Praxis show and bought the DVD for $25! It is absolutely awesome. Tons of content, all extremely Bucket...patience my friends...patience....

Chris DiCicco

the other things to look forward to are Star Wars Ep 3, May 19th Harry Potter 4 November and the direct to Video horror super hero Man Thing some time, weeks!? maybe , Buckethead\'s Secret Recipe fits in there somewhere, yes Patience is all we need, sorry got a little off track with other things listed above. :-X

The Exosphere  2013


I can\'t wait till the secret recipe is out....it\'s going to be RAAAAAAD. Isn\'t it supposed to have the Binge vids on it?