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In Seacrh Of Update

Started by Travis, February 26, 2007, 06:21:01 pm

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QuoteI got set # 750

Like the bottom drawing. I see Bucket has switched pens from black to blue ;)


That #750 set looks sweet. I like the guy on Vol. 7  ;D

Here my set:

Soz about the poor quality pics, my phone aint too gud  ;)



I\'m still enjoying In Search Of The.
Just thought i\'d share.

I\'m also digging Peppers Ghost more and more  ;D

Of course you are, how can you not be? It\'s Buckethead, and the music of ISOT is timeless. I\'ve got a feeling that when I\'m 90 years old and confined to a wheelchair or something, I\'m still going to enjoy it, along with the rest of his amazing music.

Pepper\'s Ghost is a very, very fine album as well, so many awesome tracks that are destined to become future Buckethead classics. Definitely one of my favorite Buckethead albums of all time. Then again, there are many favorite albums of his.  8)



Here, I guess bucket started drawing a trapezoid creature, then realised he already drew something unique for this set, and scribbled it out. I\'ll just pretend he\'s got a lot of body hair  though.


no it looks to me like he put the wrong number and just scribbled over it, which would also explain why the set number is on the bottom.


Quoteafter your initial shock and you find your way out of Bucketheadland.

Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


Hey every body-parts!
I\'ve been reading through this forum for a while and it never it me to register and say something...

anyway, that\'s besides the point.

I\'ve read that Travis is emailing everyone who\'s still currently waiting for their ISOT shipment...

I don\'t think I\'ve gotten that email yet... I placed my order in about 3 weeks ago and all i\'ve gotten is my confirmation and receipt... Was that the email?

I\'m waiting patiently and I don\'t want to complain, but I\'m sort of getting worried. I hope everything\'s ok over there!

If anyone could let me know what\'s up, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone at TDRS!



Sorry, I\'ve been a little behind in updating the ISOT status here.
If your invoice number is 11210 or earlier your set has been sent out.
If you haven\'t received it yet, you should with in the next few days. You should have received an email notice that theses were being mailed out last week.
I did receive a few bounce backs of these email notices and I know some end up in junk mail folders and that might explain why you didn\'t get a notice.
The other reason you didn\'t get a notice is your invoice is 11211 or later. In that case we are still waiting for these sets to be completed. That should happen at the end of the week and be sent out then. You will get an email notice your set has shipped.
As always, if you think something is amiss with your order in any way, email me and I\'ll look into it for you.

The status of the personalized edition is we haven\'t set the definite end yet but I want to make sure the end comes as no surprise, it is coming so consider my last announcement a first warning and this the second.


June 05, 2007, 08:35:22 pm #248 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 08:35:37 pm by Cobretti
Hey! So Bucket is in the process of doing my set? Cool 8)


*FEWF* thanks for clearing that up! I can\'t wait!!!



My numbers are #755, but my "E" disk says #756



I love your unique cover, cool stuff.


Hey Phill, lucky you!  I told you, you will get yours first.  Damn I\'m so jealoused!   ;D  I can\'t wait for mine.  I cleared and made some space in bookshelf, I decide to call it Bucketspace.  I caan\'t wait to fill it with set.

Is it a coinsident that your Bucketdoll face look so same as Bucket\'s face drawn on the set cover?  They both look unhappy.  ahaha


ooh, I just orderd to day. Am thinking am a little crazy using 1500kr on some cd\'s, but am going to be so happy when I get it.

So hurry up and send some cd\'s to Norway...I can\'t wait :)


so would it be safe to say that the end will come in about two weeks since the last two notifications have come in that length of time? I hope to order mine by the end of this week and I hope thats enough time.