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Which Death Cube K?....

Started by Wires and Clips, July 24, 2007, 09:37:41 pm

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Wires and Clips

Hmmm. Ive got the limited edition coming in the mail, but I\'ve never heard anything from him. i did like "embalming plaza" though. If DCK is any good I\'m going to considering other albums. Which one though?

Ive heard lots of talk like "Maggot Dream Rules!!" so i might get dreamatorium(which i would rather own than download, but with $43.75 ebay prices i might have to. :(


You should definitely get Dreamatorium, it\'s the best DCK album I think (closely followed by the new limited edition).

I just checked, and they have a used copy of it for $12.98, and some more copies of it as well from other sellers. They even have two brand new ones, but they both fetch $35 a pop. Still, it\'s cheaper than ebay, I\'ll give you that. Cd\'s are usually in very good condition if you buy them off Amazon, even in used condition, so I definitely suggest giving it a shot. In fact, you should do what I do: quit looking for stuff on ebay and go buy it on Amazon instead. It\'s usually cheaper and you don\'t have to bid on anything, you just click and you buy. Then, if Amazon DOESN\'T have what you\'re looking for, use ebay as your last resort. That\'s what I\'ve come to realize is the best thing.

Quick link for Dreamatorium at Amazon:

Enjoy!  8)


I see one death cube K cd mixed in with an auction for two buckethead cd\'s. It\'s starting out at 10.00 bucks for now.
I really like the new Death Cube K.


the new one is spacey feedback that kicks arse