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Music download store-file trading

Started by Travis, March 27, 2005, 08:31:07 pm

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The music download store seems to have produced some interesting observations by some. One of the most interesting is a frank discussion I have been having with a young man who wrote me quite sincerely I think, why he should pay for downloads of music that is out of print when it can be had free easily enough.  Firstly, thank you for your opinion if your reading this, I found your observations well thought out and I understand your point of view. I think this person feelings are shared by many and I wanted to publish my thoughts from the artists perspective.
This page is one more piece of the artist support puzzle I hope to tie together soon.  If your interested you will find it here.


Thank you for that well thought out piece Travis.  I find that there are a lot of people who like to download "just \'cause" and are proud of their large, mostly unlistened to, collection.  It would be interesting to see how many people make use of the donation buttons that you have set up.

Personally, and I\'m not trying to be self-righteous here, I\'ll listen to an album and then decide whether or not I want to buy it. If not, it\'s not good enough to be on my ipod anyway, so it gets deleted. I\'ll admit, Population Override was a torrent file, but now it\'s on its way to me on CD.

Plus, I do think that the inserts that come with the CD tend to make the whole album feel a bit more personal. I think that when artists make an effort to have a sleeve that delves into what it took to make the album, or shows some artwork that goes along with the music, it makes us listeners want to buy the "hardcopy".


Agree wholeheartedly Travis. Even though music may be out of print, the artist still deserves to be compensated for the effort he put into producing it, whatever the means of distribution.


Some of my all-time favorite music has come from your site, Travis. You know you\'ve got my support.


definetely makes sense and you have my support.......


Thanks to all who have contributed, your response and generosity are truly heartening.  I suspect somewhere between, " downloading and file sharing have cost the music industry 50 percent of it\'s revenues" and "people who download weren\'t going to buy the music anyway" lies the truth.  Music networking seems a bit like FM album rock was when it first came along. The music business put up a hugh fuss but in the end FM was responsible for creating the behemoth music industry that was up till recent years what it was. I think the music business\'s problems have more to do with corporate greed than they do with file sharing. The music business was at it best when music fan\'s ran it, we are far from that now. I do think there is a glimmer of hope that the digital age has empowered musicians and music fans to run the music business again and we have to just wait and see if innovation can as it has in the past comes along with a working model for the business of music. It just seems as we kind of all take part in the shaping of the new digital arts age we be mindful of the people who are responsible for there being any kind of business, the artists.


I just found out that my friend liked the few songs from Population Override to start grabbing a lot of Buckethead. Since he works at microsoft, it has begun to spread through the "geek" network.  Knowing my comp oriented friends, a lot of downloading will be happening. I told him to also send along the link for the support page so that the artist(s) get some support....hopefully they\'ll carry through and donate.


why is everyone complaining...its 10 bucks for albums that would take quite a bit of effort and download time to attain...  TRAVIS ROCKS!! It\'s amazing to me that after only 2 weeks or so after Island of lost minds was OOP he had it up as a download for those that missed out the first time.. That\'s fantastic fan appreciation right there, and Travis has the right to charge whatever he wants...

obviously Travis couldn\'t just do this without conversing with Buckethead about the issue, so it would seem to me that these supposedly OOP albums are indeed NOT to all the haterz who be dissin...shut yo mouth!


Thank you Travis !
You are amazing!

PS. This should be a sticky!