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In Search Of The \'unofficial tracklisting\'

Started by Slunker, April 07, 2007, 09:41:07 pm

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Hi Travis!

Just thought I\'d create a topic about the unofficial tracklisting for In Search Of The, created by a whole bunch of people over at the buckethead.tk boards as a tribute to the great music put out by Buckethead on these cd\'s. We understand that putting a 92 track listing on something like this can be pretty daunting (if not impossible), so we took it upon ourselves to kind of "help out" on it in our own special little way.

If you don\'t know about this little "pet project" of ours, but a thread was created for this where anyone interested could basically sign up and everyone was then assigned a number of tracks in a particular order. Close to the end, those who hadn\'t gotten in touch had their tracks redistributed amongst everyone who wanted to take on a few tracks more, until the "project" (as we like to call it) was completed today.

All in good fun of course, as a way to say "thank you" to Buckethead and to have something to call the tracks something instead of just "Track 1 - Vol. 1", that sort of thing. All tracks were lovingly named, usually in a Buckethead-ish style and manner, but some of them turned out somewhat sillier perhaps.

Feel free to comment on what you think about our small effort here, and if you happen to bump into Buckethead someday, you might even think about showing him this sometime. He might get a kick out of it, I know I would if I were a musician.

Here\'s what we came up with:

- Vol. 1 -
1. Sonic Slaughter
2. Pollywogs Dancing On A Quilt Of Faces
3. Jengamoose
4. Appenzel Pointed Hood Hen
5. Trail Of Misconception
6. Sourced Autonomy
7. Transmission Miscommunication
8. Angiobanjiplasti

- Vol. 2 -
1. Pullets On Parade (Million Chicken March)
2. Flying Finger Fury (In The Coop)
3. Hanged Man\'s Lament
4. Robot Foot Pursuit
5. Blue Marbles Moon
6. Droid Factory Conveyor Belt Ambush
7. The Beheaded
8. Memories Of Forgotten Dreams

- Vol. 3 -
1. Funkaslunk
2. Down A Darkened Hallway
3. Slow Shifting Highway
4. A Dead Brains Pulse
5. Listening Device
6. Wormhole Collapse

- Vol. 4 -
1. Raging Nugget
2. The Machines Shall Remain
3. Milk Plus Synthemesc
4. 1984 Beat-Bumpin\' (Tribute To Darren Robinson)
5. Domo-Kun\'s Nightmare
6. Silkie Bantam
7. Ectoplasm Circus
8. Visiting Rights

- Vol. 5 -
1. Fractal Shadows
2. Red Eye Spider Cloud
3. Liquid Tungsten Robot Factory
4. Bucketbots Bass Binge Buddy
5. Atomic Butterfly
6. Sanders\' Retort
7. Percolates Jazz.. The Last Drop
8. A Moment I Can Give
9. Funeral Parlor

- Vol. 6 -
1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Unhinged Paradox
3. Last Light
4. Dig Up From Underneath
5. Amputee Shuffle

- Vol. 7 -
1. Grease On My New Shoes
2. Solitary Psychosis
3. Flaming Pinãtas/Burnt Candy
4. Tower Of Insanity
5. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys
6. Easter In The Batcave

- Vol. 8 -
1. Oishii
2. The Orpington
3. A Day In The Park With Herbie
4. Switch Way
5. Treasure Section
6. Wire Bop Pumpkin
7. Captain Kangaroo\'s Ether Hypnosis
8. In Search Of The Bigeminy Junction
9. Cybernetic Chickenheads & The Scavenger Slunk Run

- Vol. 9 -
1. Bullfrog
2. Escher Relativity
3. The Poison Hand
4. Robot Chicken
5. Tunnel To The Light

- Vol. 10 -
1. Aldebaran Strikes Back
2. Down In It
3. The Ludovico Technique
4. Hole In The Feeding Tube
5. Aces Of Galaga
6. Bot\'s Lament
7. Strange Visitation
8. Evil Lurks Within

- Vol. 11 -
1. Binge Buddy Lounge
2. I Never Made It Without Biting (AKA Bloodblister Popcorn)
3. Electronic Zookeeper\'s Revenge
4. Delirium Chamber
5. Animatronics Séance
6. Slunk Funk
7. Funeral For A Fiend
8. Chicken Cleaver Duty
9. Sugar Booger Auditory Wax Candy
10. Random Order
11. Scabscratcher Shuffle (They Buried Him Alive)

- Vol. 12 -
1. Animatronics Workshop
2. The Organ Grinder\'s Mishap..
3. The Last Tooth To Be Pulled
4. Alektorophobia
5. Electromagnetic Interference
6. The Sticker On Endorphins
7. One Last Breath
8. Monsta Kreep-A-Thon Mk. II / The Revenge Of Mutant Slunkzilla

- Vol. 13 -
1. The Butcher\'s Last Dance


I wonder what Buckethead is officially In Search Of...


QuoteI wonder what Buckethead is officially In Search Of...

Maybe it\'s the money? You know, like in Jerry McGuire? "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"  ;D

That was a joke by the way..  8)


I was wondering would you mind If I posted my alternate tracklisting for ISOT here in this thread??


QuoteI was wondering would you mind If I posted my alternate tracklisting for ISOT here in this thread??

I can\'t speak for everyone else, but I sure wouldn\'t mind at all. You go right ahead.  8)


QuoteI was wondering would you mind If I posted my alternate tracklisting for ISOT here in this thread??
not at all go right ahead.
I\'m sure that you worked just as hard as we did at .tk on you list. post away!


maybe \'insearchofhe\' is referring to the rest of us.. not him.  hmmmm?
Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


Quotemaybe \'insearchofhe\' is referring to the rest of us.. not him.  hmmmm?
me thinkz Buckethead knowz where he is...and where he\'s going...seems to me he wantz us to find our way on this magnificent journey...In Search Of The...a symphony slab with one name...sliced into volume wedges...and untitled tracks...Bucket has worked like a maniac!  In Search Of The Buckethead\'s way me thinkz he wants us to use our imagination to see what we can see...listening to the music...
Think about symphonies written over the past 100 years...have NO "name" have a number...co\'s no dictionary has been created to capture the magnificent  strength and feelings they ignite...and that is what In Search Of The is for me...i try to capture what i see...feel and hear but it changes every time. In Search Of The is a genius creation, full of imagination, heart, soul, beauty and fun fun maniac soundz, and a mighty gift from Buckethead.
"Labeling" In Search Of The...may have been fun for some...In Search Of The was delivered in a box...but i dont\' think that it belongs in one
Buckethead thinks of everything ...covers Bucketheadland details perfectly...his magical maniac music speaks, and In Search Of The is just the way it\'s suppose to be.... seems to me If he wanted them to have names...an "official track list" would have been posted to "print" with the release. Mighty undertaking his handz griping the sharpie for each one...and he DID label them and went beyond...for each of us with drawings, and made sure everyone was pleased and satisfied. Must be be grueling keeping up with demands, and bound to be insanity days...with his handz tied to a sharpie. I think we all believe, and know Buckethead has more fun when his handz are free and he\'s playing mighty strings.  
Thank you Buckethead, for In Search Of The, going way beyond for us...everytime.
Big HUGZ!  :)

Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.


yep.  considering his ability to accomplish so much, track titles would not have been the challenge with regard to the creation of insearchofthe.  i rather like the track 1, track 2, non titles...  i have to admit, that as much as i\'ve acquired and as many times that i\'ve enjoyed hearing it all, i still refer to most compositions as track 4 of "insert cd name here" - although i enjoy that initial reading of the songs that he titles, and the neat image that comes to mind when read, i tend to forget 90% of them, unless reminded.  

Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


Yea...this is tons of music to memorize so I don\'t really mind not having track names.
Itchy Wah


April 12, 2007, 12:51:02 pm #10 Last Edit: April 12, 2007, 06:20:01 pm by severedhand
ok here it is.. I\'ve been constantly making adjustments to the track names since I received it on Feb 25th and I don\'t have internet where I live yet so I actually just jotted them down on paper and re-typed them out here at my work I ran them through spell check so their should be no errors.. but heres my rendition of In Search Of The...I\'ll be honest though I really like the tracklisting that was put together on buckethead.tk..

Vol.1   (I)
1. Scythe
2. Thirteenth Hour Vision
3. Astral War
4. Winding Skull Mountain
5. Deadman\'s Interlude
6. Brain Hemorage
7. Vintage Souls
8. Fields Of Corrosion

Vol.2   (N)
1. Atonement
2. The Formidable Undead
3. Deviant Calling
4. Deserts Of Suicides
5. Crowning Of A Devil
6. Marching Unforseen
7. Ravaged Wasteland
8. Precipice

Vol.3   (S)
1. Bucketbot\'s Binge
2. Awakening Mechinations Beneath
3. In Search Of The...
4. Poison Den
5. Message Zero
6. Jimmy Bones

Vol.4   (E)
1. Snake Grip Ballad
2. Lazurus Tentacles
3. Gut Wrench
4. Condemned Apartment
5. Horrors That Be Untold
6. Two Heads Two Minds
7. Excerpt 21
8. Marrow Sliver

Vol.5   (A)
1. What Has Been Lost
2. Spinal Surgeon
3. Blindspot
4. Demonic Ventriloquism
5. Entry Point
6. Chicken Style
7. Jarred Appendages
8. Empire Nightfall
9. Desolace Sky

Vol.6   (R)
1. Meat Tram Slunk
2. Another Dimension
3. Curiousity Killed And Maimed Mortimer
4. Jack O\' Lantern Army
5. Stumpy\'s

Vol.7   (C)
1. The Mocking Blow
2. Road Of The Skewered
3. Skin Box
4. Quick Relapse
5. Tales Of Raised In The Coop
6. Sealed For All Of Eternity

Vol.8   (H)
1. You Are To Late
2. Lurking Outside
3. Chaos In All Its Forms
4. Episode 400
5. Avenues Explored,Denial Hyms
6. Hive
7. Grin Of Dissolution
8. Tumbling Morgue
9. Constructed Transmission

Vol.9   (O)
1. Chariots Into The Abyss
2. The Living Graveyard
3. Lost Corridor
4. Yoshimitsu\'s Evasion
5. Collected Worlds

Vol.10  (F)
1. Cape Facade
2. Doppleganger Cast
3. Discomfort
4. Abstract Numb
5. Android Guise
6. Body Donor
7. Coldsteel Metamorphosis
8. Pass Of Famine

Vol.11  (T)
1. The Cathedral Underground
2. Droids Sold Separately
3. Possessed Oddity Part 1
4. Possessed Oddity Part 2
5. How You Can Tell
6. Dual Persona
7. Fiddler On My Grave
8. Opponent From The West
9. Guru\'s Cadaver
10. Rat Cone Core
11. Carpal Torment

Vol.12  (H)
1. The Boy And His Lizard King
2. Beware Catapulting Cyclops
3. Pigs On Death Hill
4. Black Cauldron
5. Pipeline Scales
6. The Worm\'s Lair
7. Sirens Plan
8. Eye Of The Impenetrable Storm

Vol.13  (E)
1. Scraps For Lunch,The Unending Gigan


April 12, 2007, 10:27:10 pm #11 Last Edit: April 12, 2007, 10:28:07 pm by Slunker
Nice tracklisting there severedhand, there were several titles that I really liked and they would definitely fit in with the TK list for sure. That\'s not to say that the TK list is better in any way, both lists have very valid titles most definitely.

I\'m still partial to the TK list, of course, having contributed to it and really learned to love it. I\'m guessing you get a bit more diversity by having more people name the songs collectively, but your list is definitely great as well. No doubts there.  8)


thank you. I actually was going to use some of the tracks you guys came up with on tk just for my own personal set track list.. there were some really good ones..