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Does Viggo Mortensen...

Started by Solar, February 24, 2007, 06:20:48 am

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... sing on his CDs? I downloaded the preview files, and they were instrumentals. I was wondering if he actually sung, or if he just wrote the music. I thought I heard somewhere he was a good singer.


Hey Solar,  Yes he does sing and yes he sings very well. It depends on the CD where you will find his vocals and the CDs in which he does sing, he does not sing on all the songs. Mostly it is music and/or spoken word poetry but it is all worth a listen. One he sings that is a my personal favorite is a rendition of Red River Valley on PandemoniumfromAmerica. This is just a fun album all together anyway, but i\'d say check it it out for yourself.


yeah,i think he\'s good too! if you heard him on "return of the king" at the end he is really singing! he doesn\'t do hard rock vocals or anything,just nice smooth vocals that are good! :)
i am a nincompoop mama said!


I\'m seriously considering getting one of his albums. But I\'m a little tight for cash right now (AKA completely broke) so I may wait a bit. Which one is his best?


Well, it\'s kind of like trying to pick your favorite Buckethead CD. It\'s impossible. But since you get the best of both worlds being that Buckethead is all over Viggos CD\'s I would say for variety: PandemoniumfromAmerica, and to trip and/or live a dream you\'ll never forget: Please Tomorrow.  You can get both here in Travis\' store when your ready, then come back and tell us about your experience with them. As you know we love to talk about it!