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Viggo\'s use of Perceval Press home page

Started by gkg, January 17, 2005, 07:07:28 pm

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KUDOS to Viggo Mortensen and the folks of Perceval Press for the wonderful use of their home page since the election to share up to date articles on the war, related issues and links to relief groups for the recent tsunami.  i just read the new pieces posted (they seem to post new ones daily).

what has always impressed me about the site is that instead of a display of "hey i\'m a famous actor so you should listen to what i have to say" that could so easily have been done by a weaker more vain individual, Viggo has consistently kept the profile of the site about the books and authors, with elements of activism.   he\'s long listed books about the war, government and this administration.  

this change in the home page and refocusing of the recommendations page go a large step forward toward engendering knowledge in people.  obviously Viggo\'s taken a risk in publicly voicing his stance against the war and that doesn\'t seem to phase him one bit - but the deft hand here is he\'s not proselytizing, he\'s simply sharing articles and information with folks, letting them draw their own conclusions.

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Right on, gkg!

I have been visiting the Perceval Press homepage more often lately, and I admire many things about Viggo Mortensen\'s stance.

> Up to the election, he simply said "Vote", even if his own preferences were made clear in various media.

> He has consistently resisted those who think he shouldn\'t have or be entitled to express opinions BECAUSE he is a famous actor. (As an articulate and intelligent human being, why on earth not?)

> It\'s not all about him. It\'s about the world we all live in. It\'s about treating the world and each other better.

> The page is more serious than it was, but it\'s not all dead serious. There\'s reason to laugh as well as cry. And ridicule is often more potent than protest.

Bravo, Viggo!
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein



 Gkg  I agree with you !

 Perceval Press is a great website and your information is very interesting!

 Thanks Viggo, Perceval Press is wonderful!

 Edjane Maps
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 the brazilian girl
edjane maps :)



image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


I don\'t want to yell "fire" but where did it go?
I\'m not talkin\' bout Bluevelvet\'s post...where is
all I get is a blank (absolutely white) screen


They may be doing some site maintenance or having problems with their ISP......check back a little later, I\'m sure it will be back up.  ;)


I have to applaud to Perceval Press. This site is just awesome and I learn something new each time I visit. Often I forgot that I was first attracted to this site because of Mr. Mortensen as I go back now mainly for the content and to see what new things I can learn or buy within their pages.

By example, today I explored the link from their Exhibits and Events page to the upcoming photography exhibit of "Revolution and Commerce: The Legacy of Korda's Portrait of Che Guevara" and was blown away by how far my journey took me. It was time well spent. All the things I read, the images I saw and the links I visited from the California Museum\'s exhibit site was mind blowing. I wish I lived close to see this exhibition.

And to think it all started with just one picture taken of someone who didn't even know they were being photographed. It could make you cry.


   I love the perceval press website and visit often.  just this week I
printed the article written about the book, "many children left behind"
and took it to show to as many parents at my kids school as I could.
the  no child left behind, or as i call it every child left behind , is a
miserable failure and has replaced true education and learning in this country with  test prep and test taking.   Viggo, keep up the fabulous
job,  your are an incredible person.


I think Viggo\'s PP site is pretty awesome
esp the Homepage at the mo. from the
more serious the sometimes
humerous stories that Viggo wanted to
share with all us like minded folk. :D