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Chicken Noodles has arrived.

Started by Travis, September 19, 2006, 06:50:10 pm

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mind left body jam!

i love this album.

 Travis..have you thought of selling it on vinyl?
you are what you is


the noodles are perfect!!!  thank you so much for another brilliant collaboration. the boy´s got to stick around more at your coop!  :)
official hippie hell survivor


Great disk Travis, i am really enjoying it.  


This album is truely amazing. I sat with this album and my favorite Gin, and I have to say that it is one of the most rewarding experiences I can think of. Travis, you and Buckethead are such an inspiration to me and my brother. I play guitar and he plays keyboard, we try (note the try) to jam and play as you two do and we enjoy the hell out of it. But I just need to thank you for giving me inspiration. I anticipate whatever album you come up with next.

(sorry if I am rambleing, I still have that Gin in me).


loving the noodles more each time i dish \'em up!  they are [glb]definitely[/glb] going to be a staple around the studio.   :-*

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