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young buckethead dvd review

Started by d6, October 06, 2006, 07:31:24 pm

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October 06, 2006, 07:31:24 pm Last Edit: October 06, 2006, 07:34:00 pm by d6
hey all. we´re in for a real treat. thats for sure!! if you want to keep the  surprise. stop reading. if you dont mind spoilers.

here is eggmans review  he wrote for buckethead.tk.

Disc 1 Review (so far):

It\'s divided into 4 sections, The Creeps Nov. 1990 Show at the Cactus Club, the soundcheck for the same gig, Bucket in The Bsement w/Jas, and Bucket playing in the backyard.

Section I:

I have a newfound respect for the Deli Creeps. This footage is different than Secret Recipe, in that you can size up right away what the Creeps were about: Buckethead. Maximum Bob is really a sort of twisted MC, kind of narrating Bucket\'s solos and injecting comments throughout the gig. I think he actually sings on one song, which of course is injected heavily w/Bucket\'s playing. Pinchface was fun to watch, he plays a king of crazed character back there on the drums, his hairdo was like some kind of mullet-fro-hilarious. This is a very interesting gig to watch, I found myself staying with it all the way through ( by the way, the 8mm to DVD conversion came out great). An amazing event to watch, knowing what\'s coming up ahead in Bucket\'s career-those 12 people at the gig might not have had a clue that they were part of something historic.....

Section II:

Soundcheck for the same gig. Bucket just rips, standing off to the side. At some points you think you can see his face-it is blurred out for the most part, however in one segment near the end you can actually kind of catch a side-shot of Bucket\'s profile, it\'s obscured by his hair, but you can almost make him out. A real treat to watch.

Section III:

Bucket hanging out with Jas Obrecht in Jas\'s basement, creating goofy video with sound effects. Jas is a pretty funny guy to watch as well, looks like they really had a lot of fun. Bucket is wearing a bizarre see-through mask, you can catch his eyes quite a bit in this one, when he turns sideways to pound on the keyboards you can catch his profile-at one point he pulls down the mask to expose the top half of his face-another teaser. At the end of this clip, they hold up a Giant Robot poster as Bucket plays a few notes from same.

Section IV:

The backyard family gig is a trip to watch. He puts on a white KFC-type bucket w/his now trademark mask and pops out of the kitchen for a little show for family and bots. This is not Bucket unplugged, however, as he plugs into a little amp and cranks out there on a little chair in front of the beer coolers. He ran through his fully-loaded bag of tricks, something very few if any of us will ever see and hear at a backyard BBQ. He did his 2-hand tapping, blistering shreds, some funky popping stuff like he does on bass, and songs we have heard in his current gigs like When You Wish Upon A Star, Halloween movie theme song, and the now famous Hog Bitch Stomp. He even played the theme from the Exorcist. He was wrapping up when I think I heard "Play Star Wars little brother, I mean Buckethead" and of course he rips into that. I was watching this with my jaw hanging-it\'s just amazing work. At the end of the little show, the camera pans around the yard , showing the faces of the family members and bots-of course all smiling.

Can\' wait to check out Disc II..........

official hippie hell survivor


Ok, checking in on Disc 2, also with four sections-

Section I: Live at the Kennel Club April \'91.

It becomes apparent why these shows were selected once you watch them all the way through. This one has a few notable items-one is Maximum Bob\'s balls!- I don\'t mean literally. He was not afraid to go up an just hang out with no shirt on with his large gut spilling forth, sometimes not even wearing pants-yikes! Again, much ranting from Bob, even if the song is over he justs keeps ranting...The other item which is worth watching this clip for, is hearing and seeing Binge And Grab live. Bob actually sings vocals on this (hard to make out what he\'s saying, if at all). Also worth noting is what we now know to be I Come In Peace, whith an altogether different rant from Max Bob. This was the show closer. On a side note, looked like Bucket had a goatee peeking out from under his mask....

Section II: Live at the I-Beam, September \'90.

This show is hands-down the weirdest, craziest, bizarre Deli Creeps show I have ever seen. First thing I noticed was there was a different bass player, think Bob said it was his cousin, with sausages and hot dogs hanging off his bass neck. Bucket was shirtless for this one, a far cry from today\'s heavier overwear. Bucket was at his most animated, playing out in the audience, jumping on Bob\'s shoulders ala Angus Young, dancing on and off stage-just having and obviously great time. Maximun Bob was at his maximum weirdest. He came out wearing a gas mas and a single black rubber glove, then changing over to a wrestling hat. He used a lot of bizarre props, large wooden spoon and fork, weaved baskets, and ranted at warp-speed. He spoke of candy- bar bar mitvahs, pop-tarts, and itchy nipples (I\'m not making this up!). Bucket and Bob interacted a whole lot in this clip, with Bucket even poking at and playing with Bob\'s navel (!). Oh and the music? It was more heavier-sounding than section I, notable tunes include what is now Dream Girl and of course Hog Bitch Stomp. You have to see this clip to actually believe it.

Section III: Backstage at the I-Beam

Bucket and Bob goofing off some more, with Bob calling Bucket a "funnybone bastard". Bob held up Bucket\'s left hand and said it was the most amazing hand in the world, it could play chords and notes and numbers and letters than you can\'t understand. He was asked what was the typical profile of a Deli Creeps groupie, he said "Out of work, pregant with triplets, had a husband who lost his job as a welder". Damn funny. One thing that is clearly obvious to me in these segments is the bond that Bucket and Bob have. Bob totally respects and appreciates Bucket, and makes that apparent constantly. Even though he screws with him constantly, it is obvious that these two guys really enjoy each other\'s company. A Deli Creeps show is where you just happen to be around while these guys just did whatever the hell they wanted to do, with songs and killer fretwork thrown in. Would be cool to hear from someone that might have gone to one of these shows.

Section IV: Bucket Interview in a Big Field

Very strange. Odd to hear Bucket\'s voice, he sounds a whole like like the Park Guide in Bucketheadland......Talks about knowing he wanted to play music as early as four....this segment closes with some of his buddies smashing a shopping cart in the background....like I said, weird....

Hope you all enjoy your Young Bucket DVD\'s, maybe some of you will be lucky enough to get them in time for the weekend......

official hippie hell survivor


this sounds really awesome, thanks for the review!


October 09, 2006, 01:37:55 am #3 Last Edit: October 09, 2006, 02:15:52 am by jet_eye
Yes, Thanks for posting a very cool review.  

The thing that stuck out most with me from these two DVD\'s is the sound check.  This is the first time that I have seen Buckethead totally out of character.  He is just chilling off to the side with his foot holding his weight on the adjacent wall.  Busting out serious, random sonic shards, only with affirmation from, Jas "I am not getting your face."  His posture is totally upright and his playing is all business for the sound checking process.

These DVD\'s were a nostalgic journey back to why I fell in love with Buckethead\'s playing in the first place.

Run, don\'t skip, jog or shuffle your way to a site that sells these DVD\'s.