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The New sound of DPI

Started by Mixmaster, September 15, 2006, 07:30:22 pm

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September 15, 2006, 07:30:22 pm Last Edit: September 15, 2006, 08:07:47 pm by Mixmaster
Well... I could give this topic a number of titles.

When styles of "Yes". "Rush" and "Focus" unite.
Jazz in a modern Jacket.

and so on, and so on. First of all I would like to say to TDRS Music, that the latest CD has arrived in perfect condition. Compliments go out to the designer of the case, I love this sort of art very much.

I\'ve been listening to the music made by Vince DiCola for quite some time now, but on this CD... I\'d never could imagine a high class style of Modern Jazz music. Though the first song begins somewhat suddenly, though at some point it begins to fall into place. "Like a puzzlebox being overturned on a table and suddenly all the pieces find their spot."

My most favourite part of the CD begins around 13 minutes within the first song. One word came to my mind when I heard the united sound of the electric base, with effect, the keyboards and synthesizer sound and the drums. "Solid!"

The second song is to me a song to catch my breath after the first song.... or should I actually say session. The songs on this CD are so long, that they could actually be called suites. Modern style suites that is. The third song is a perfect finally to the entire recording. Truely a Master Piece.

Allthough I love the cover styles very much.... I had slightly hoped to see a small booklet with at least a picture inside, for example, taken from inside the studio during one of the sessions.... "the masters of sound and music at work" as to say.

But I would like to know two things. As a starting musician I\'m always curious to know which instruments where used during the recording of the "Found Objects" CD. Yes, I do know it concludes a drumkit and an Electric Bass guitar, but I would like to know how many keybaords and/or Synthesizers where used.

second question is because I love to experiment with sound... and there was one perticular sound that just made me go out of my mind. During the first song, around time mark 0.13.26 and 0.13.40, there\'s a keyboard or synthesizer sound that\'s played as a solo part. Well Mr. DiCola, can you please tell me what kind of name that sound is... and , if possible, if this sound can be played on an Alesis QS 6.1 Synthesizer. I would be very very thankfull. :-)

Well... to top off this topic, I thanking Vince DiCola, Doane Perry and Paul Ill for their latest recording. I love it very much guys. I hope to hear more soon.

Oh... and before I go... will there be a concert? Just like a concert "Rush" or "Yes" would do?
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.

Vince DiCola

Thanks to Mixmaster for a nice review of our new DPI record.  I\'ll do my best to address each of your points:

- Travis gets full credit for the artwork on this one.  I really love the work he did, and he even came up with the CD and song titles for us in order to support a concept that has a very unified feel overall.  Great job, Travis!

- Stay tuned for some additional notes on this project.  We kept the liner notes very basic with the intention of posting some additional information here on the web site.  That should happen soon.

- I used 5 keyboards on this recording -
   ALESIS QS-7 (acoustic piano and various synth sounds)
   RHODES VK-1000 (organ)
   KURZWEIL K-2000 (synth sounds)
   ALESIS ANDROMEDA ANALOG SYNTH (analog synth colors)
   FENDER RHODES ELECTRIC PIANO (this belongs to Travis, and it needs to be
   mentioned that the sound he got for the one song we used it on (track 2)
   really helped that piece write itself!

- The synth used for that sound you mentioned on track 1 is my K-2000, and no, you cannot get that sound out of any ALESIS keyboard.  That is a custom sound I made by stacking a few of my other synths, sampling that stacked sound across the keyboard and then adding some of the KURZWEIL\'s own elements.  Of course just about any modern synth these days has the capability of helping a player/programmer get in an \'area\' soundwise for just about any sound you may want to try and go after, but that particular sound is one I worked very hard on for quite a long time.  The sound I used a sort of reference is Keith Emerson\'s YAMAHA GX-1 (the \'granddaddy\' to the CS-80).  My sound
was never meant to replicate - only \'pay homage\'!

- Regarding this group ever performing live, there are currently no plans but I personally would love to do that someday.  I think it could be quite an exciting journey to take an audience on with us.

I think I covered all your questions and comments.  Thanks again for the positive review.  (And by the way, I love the phrase "Jazz in a Modern Jacket" - very nice!)



Dear Mister DiCola.

Thank you for all the answers you\'ve given me. especially the one about the K-2000 sound you\'ve created. I just love that wickedness aftertouch in the sound. Just gives me chills all over.

What I do was surprised to hear from you, was the name "FENDER RHODES ELECTRIC PIANO". I never knew that Fender was part of Rhodes. I know that Fender is one of the biggest Guitar manufacturers and that they produce amplifiers, but I didn\'t know that they where part of Rhodes.

Anyway, the sound from that Rodes is so beautifull on the ears... like during the evening when you\'re tired from work and on the couch with a good novel in your hand... and this song on the HiFi System. Song two gives some sort of space like feeling to it.

Well Mister DiCola. Thank you ones more for your reply and if there is going to be a concert, then I wouldn\'t want to mis that. Then I sure would love to come over to the States.

Good luck with your future projects.
Best Wishes, Niels Berndsen
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.