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Started by Mixmaster, July 29, 2006, 08:42:21 am

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I´ve got a question for Mister Dicola. It´s been a while since I´ve, succesfully ordered and received 4 albums from you, which I enjoy listening to all the time. Seeing that you are a very important rollmodel for me, I´ve singed myself up for keyboard lessons... after all, having a keyboard and 2 synthesizers, but sadly no experiance playing on them, I thought it would be about time I start having lessons.

I´ve been monitoring the internet lately and I was surprised to see the the all new website of the upcoming, and still in production being, Transformers Movie. Having browsed through scripts and credits... I was kinda sad to see the You, Mister Dicola, are not the one who was asked to write the soundtrack for it. I would like to know if they´ve even asked you... if you would want to write music for this movie.

Anyway... I´ve also been keeping a close eye on TDRSmusic. I was wondering... and would like to know if there are any new projects you are working on and if there´s a new album in production.

Well.. this is all for now. Got to go to study. I hope to hear from you Mister Dicola. Good luck with the music business.

Greetings and cheers, Niels.
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.


Vince and I are putting the final touches on a new DPI (DiCola, Perry and iLL) CD.
The CD consists of 3 long pieces of music. Vince on Keys, Doane Perry on drums and Paul iLL on Bass. We hope to release it exclusively here in a few weeks. Look for announcements of final release dates here soon.


Great stuff ! Thanks for the heads up Travis.
Will this be available from the dowload store?
I\'m certainly looking forward to hearing it indeed.

             Ste B.


Yes, both CD and download.


indeed... I actually rather prefer real CD\'s with everything... booklet and casing, instead of downloading it. It makes the product then more complete and unique. That\'s one of the reasones why I haven\'t downloaded the great piano solo\'s yet. I like more to have the origional thing then having to download it and burn it on a blank CD.

I\'ll be checking up for this new CD soon. Thanks for the reply and succes with the recording sessions
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.


Uhm... I was wondering... could you tell the name of the album?  :) Good luck with the recording sessions.
Do it with style, or Don't bother doing it.


Here\'s a little info. I\'ll start a thread with more info and release when we get close.