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Buckethead live setlist 2016

Started by X, July 05, 2016, 11:08:15 pm

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I went to the show he played in The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on 7/02/16. Here's the setlist from the show.

1. Jowls
2. Gorey Head Stumps 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks
3. Soothsayer
4. Meta-Matic
5. Botnus
6. The Embalmer
7. Fountains of the Forgotten
8. Baseball Furies
9. Star Wars
10. Night of the Slunk
11. Nunchuck Intermission (some dubstep song)
12. Jordan
13. Buckethead's Toystore (w/ interlude: Pure Imagination)
14. Want Some Slaw?
15. Revenge of the Double-man
16. Lebrontron
17. Welcome To Bucketheadland (Bucketheadland version)
18. ? ? ?
19. Giant Robot Theme
20. Crash Victim
21. Nottingham Lace

From what I've seen of other shows he's played on this tour so far, it looks like he's been playing this same setlist at all of the other shows too. Only thing is I can't seem to figure out what song #11 or #18 is supposed to be. From what I can tell though, it's the same songs he plays in this video at 47:46 and 1:26:17

If anyone knows which songs those are, post them here and I'll update the setlist.


I have not heard them before. 

Wonder why he didn't grab something from the Pike series?  Unless that is what he means behind the word Pike... one and done.
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