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Pike 33 - Pumpkin.......... and it's free!!!!

Started by BucketBrother, October 29, 2013, 06:20:33 pm

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It's near-DCK sounding guys! Cover art irks me though...


Thanks for letting us know, yeah the art is very innocent looking

In Search Of The

Buckethead is the kindest man in music at the moment.

Hats off, big guy.


His music is pretty good too, including this album.


I was really hoping for something like this!  Thank you Buckethead for your tireless efforts... you rock!
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Deathcube K all the way...
Really digging on all Banjo.  The background effects are just creepy and totally add to the banjo... dark.  Buckethead does finally appear at the end raging through darkness with some stellar, speedy, backwoods jams. 

Without a doubt I'll be playing this while handing out candy tomorrow.

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Sounds like a soundtrack to the House of Terror.
Eye Feel Fine(d)
I Feel Find
I Fell, Fin.


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Quote from: topher on October 29, 2013, 06:56:04 pm
It's near-DCK sounding guys! Cover art irks me though...

Watch Halloween III... watch the magic pumpkin, watch.
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