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Copyrights and stuff i dont understand

Started by onions, October 21, 2012, 11:14:14 pm

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Hi maybe someone can help me,
first I must say that I buy all Buckethead music I own. I do not download anything.

So I'm making montages that I want to upload on Youtube. These montages consist of gameplay that I recorded and edited with Buckethead songs in background. It this ok? I dont think anyone would want to rip the music of my montages because I always keep the sound of the gameplay which is mostly gun shots and explosions.

Do I have to get the copyrights to upload such videos? cuz youtube is blocking them in Canada...



http://memegenerator.net/instance/28812632  ;)

hehehe. I think it's okay if you do that...I made a video of a flight I was on and put a few Buckethead songs on there.


Hehe..no I dont play COD, i find it rather boring (no hate 4 dat plz ;) ) I play killzone 2 !! Anyways I was thinking about that too : do you put the name of the song and artist in the description? First i think that the right thing to do but if i put the name and artist, people will easily download the song since they know all this information. what do u think is ethically correct?


Think of it as an advertisement... you might just draw in a new collector to the world of Buckethead.
Support underground music!!!


I like Call of Duty, it's the only shooting game (other than Saints Row or GTA) that I play! But you should put the song names in the description...because some people will keep leaving comments like "what song is that?!"