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First International Tribute to Buckethead

Started by TTB, March 21, 2012, 08:34:45 am

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March 21, 2012, 08:34:45 am Last Edit: May 21, 2012, 09:52:56 am by TTB
Hi from Russia, Travis!
This year is anniversary for Buckethead's debut album named "Bucketheadland" (1992).
Especially for this occasion soon will be release first international tribute to Buckethead. Now we have seven covers for this project and we wait yet some covers.

I must say what we don't will release tribute on CD without Buckethead's consent. Only will upload it on fileshare for free downloading in WAV and MP3.
But, Travis, maybe you can release this tribute on your label with Buckethead's consent? Limited issue for true Buckethead's fans (I do not need the money received from sales)? Maybe this tribute can will be official?

Travis, tell me please what do you think about this idea?

Organisation of international tribute to Buckethead


"You just have to take pleasure in killing" - Buckethead (final line when asked if he had any advice- Young Buckethead)


Actually, if your recording covers of songs that have already been recorded by an artist you don't need permission from the artist to do that. If you release it commercially you need to pay the royalties, to do that you contact the Harry Fox agency in NY, I think they have a website, and pay for those rights. If you don't intend to make money, your probably good as is.

TDRSmusic is for artists that record here but If you wand to put a link to your finished music feel free to post it here.


Thanks for your answer! And yet let it be internet-release.
Some participants of project think what release of tribute must be allowed of author. But I think if it's non profit tribute, allowed of Buckethead not necessarily. It does not will entail the problems with copyright if with folder of tribute we'll create text-file where we'll write contact information with participants of project and link of Buckethead's official site?


Copyright law can be hard to understand. If your using someone else's recording of a song you absolutely must get the permission to use their music. However, your talking about doing covers of songs by other artists. In that case you have what's called the right to rerecord. You still must pay the songwriter for any music you sell but you don't have to ask permission to record it. If you Google " re-recording rights" there is a lot of information like this:



March 24, 2012, 05:15:41 am #6 Last Edit: March 24, 2012, 05:20:46 am by TTB
That is, should I pay the author only if it be commercial tribute? If it be just internet-release for free downloading I don't must pay to the author, yes? We can safely continue to work on a tribute to buckethead, and when we'll got all covers we'll can upload tribute on fileshare without any consents?

Because people are playing covers to song which liked to they and upload it on YouTube and on other sites. They record non commercial product and they don't need any consents for uploading their cover. Similarly with our tribute to Buckethead. Am I right?

Sorry for the my questions, I just would like to better understand this. Thanks!


That brings up another question too. In light of Bucketheadland 2, is there any word of a Buckethealand 3 in the near future? Bucketheadland 2 did get released a year late for a 10th year anniversary, perhaps unintentionally due to things like Guns N' Roses, but that could possibly be Buckethead's next big project.


I have an amazing soothsayer cover I did that's already mastered and ready to go. I can send you the mp3 via email if you want to add it to the album :).  I need to know what you are gonna do with the album first though. I don't want money (just album credit) for the song. If anyone else wants a copy of my cover pm me your email.


News about project:
This tribute to Buckethead will be release in two parts and both parts will be uploaded for free downloading in mp3 and wav.
First part will be uploaded in first days of summer. I don't know when will be released second part. Maybe in this summer, maybe in autumn.

Tracklist of first part of tribute:
01 - Alex Opium - Picwick's Lost Chapter (Intro)
02 - Top Gun - Welcome to Bucketheadland
03 - Alex Smith - King James
04 - Alexander Palitsin - Soothsayer
05 - FamicomBit - Sled Ride
06 - Lars Bauer - Lone Sal Bug
07 - Tripomatic Room - Big Sur Moon
08 - Glen Carpenter - Who Me?
09 - Лабиринтум - Wondering

And we still don't chose name of tribute. We want to know your version of name. Help us chose this please!

In Search Of The

How about naming it after a KFC meal, akin to KFC Skin Piles?


How bout: "Ode to the Bucket" by "Albert's Slaughterhouse Chicken Scratch Band (tribute to Buckethead)"


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