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My art (including Buckethead painting)

Started by Lefty, February 03, 2009, 10:27:50 am

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awesome buckethead painting in the first post!!!!!!


Quoteawesome buckethead painting in the first post!!!!!!


Yo, Lefty! Your art is outta control! Very very very nice! I\'m getting a buckethead tattoo in the next few weeks. Do you have a gallery somewhere online with buckethead paintings I could check out? Or did you post em all here and did I overlook a link? I want my tattoo to have him in his outfit he wore mainly before he switched to the plain white bucket and blue jump suit with his ESP guitar. I\'m notta big fan of the Gibson.
Joe!!!! Could you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich?!!! Joe!!!! I want some butter for my chips!!!! Joe!!!!


hey thanks Bucketdog! sorry, haven\'t checked in here in awhile.  I\'m sure you got your tat already, but yeah, I do post the Buckethead related stuff here as well as alot of other things.  There should be 3 Big B paintings in this thread.  I do have some drawings and relief prints I have to dig up.  
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here\'s a link to a series of 19 zombie paintings i did a couple months ago.  check em out.  most are better than the last set

and here\'s a few watercolors i did recently

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Nice Lefty!  That Madonna one is pretty weird.


thanks Ella!  For you to say it\'s pretty weird is a high honor.
that\'s like the dali lama telling me i\'m holy

Happy Easter and shit
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Quotethanks Ella!  For you to say it\'s pretty weird is a high honor.
that\'s like the dali lama telling me i\'m holy

Happy Easter

^haha - you two are both freaks!

I kept looking for fangs on that bunny or something, but it\'s nice to see that you also paint stuff that wont give my kids nightmares.

happy zombie jesus day to you too!

Quoteand shit
what? did another duck visit you?


^^^^ lol

I like that one, i don\'t know why the bunny creeped me out a little
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I got a custom Lefty sig!

I cut it out from the envelope you mailed me and I\'m gonna make a frame for it when I get time. I just changed the background color for the sig. Nice eh?!


^ I wish you could have seen the post ladies face when she handed me that envelope, it freaked her out big time. That was priceless!!!


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there is no mask


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