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Tribute to Buckethead

Started by silversurfer, October 14, 2011, 12:00:01 am

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Hey bots here is a Piece I did in tribute to Buckethead. The master of skull shattering face melting fulminating shredding insanity !!!! This piece came about from listening to ISOT vol 6 trk 1 and ISOT vol 1 trk 6 and Sneak Attack. It\'s so awesome how bucket does not need any background music to play over and he doesn\'t care and does what he wants. So this piece is all about shred and nothing else LONG LIVE BUCKETHEAD.
I hope you guys enjoy it !!!!!

PS. This is just a jam session and if you want to hear more song oriented stuff listen to my other stuff....thanks and Rock on !!

shredding is life my youtube sight



SURFER...!!! Wow Dude...!!! Nice Work... Shreddin up a storm makin peoples brains leak out their eyes... Particularly Loved 2:09 - 2:30... You should be really proud man... Keep Playin...!!!
Softly Sings The Silent Muse... Of All The Different Paths To Choose... Misguided By Her Vicious Ruse... And Left Alone To Risk And Lose...


Wow brother thanks ....sorry it has taken so long to reply but I have been working so much and had some serious family issues.
It\'s been really stressful but I\'m so geeked to read a comment such as the one you left !!!!!!! Thanks truly for your awesome comment and watching my new song and thanks to all who have viewed this as well you all rule !!!!!!

shredding is life my youtube sight



Hey man, that's a really cool track and your playing is impressive!!!  Have you got a proper recording of the track so I could hear it in better quality?

Peace out


no I dont ....I dont have the best recording material so it is what it is  :)
shredding is life my youtube sight