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Midnight Passion

Started by silversurfer, June 26, 2011, 06:57:52 pm

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Midnight Passion (Silver Surfer\'s & Shalla Bal\'s Ballad)

Hey Bucketbots !!!!! YEP I posted a New song called Midnight Passion . This is a softer more jazzy based song than what I\'ve previously posted. I\'ve had quite a few request for something like this. So I finally wrote this song and I hope that it is enjoyable. Silver Surfer\'s & Shalla Bal\'s ballad
shredding is life my youtube sight


hey man that was pretty cool stuff!


Thanks for the comment and reply on this video brother !!!!!!! :)
shredding is life my youtube sight


no problem man, I posted a thread about a free acoustic release of mine if you have time to download and check it out!