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silversurfers guitar work

Started by silversurfer, March 14, 2011, 02:41:15 am

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hey guys I added some new videos of me playing guitar. If you want check it out there is  alot of shredding, blues, rock, arpeggios, speed trills, and even a smooth like moody songs. I guess im saying theres a mixture of stuff so check it out please and cunstructive criticsm is welcome.  
bucketheads music can cure sickness!!!!!!!!!!!
shredding is life my youtube sight


hey bucketbots ive just got done vinishing two new songs on my sight which are dedicated to the silversurfer called
1. silversurfer\'s space ride
2. silversurfer\'s rage

I was trying to make these songs give you the feel of what it would be like for the surfer to be flying in the deepest parts of space and what it would be like when the silversurfer just went into a all out frenzy of pure rage in battle so check it out if your interested thanks !!!!
shredding is life my youtube sight


Nice Job Dude...! Fast Player... Keep up the Radd Work...
Softly Sings The Silent Muse... Of All The Different Paths To Choose... Misguided By Her Vicious Ruse... And Left Alone To Risk And Lose...


hey thanks for the compliment Dumb_name !!!!  8)

shredding is life my youtube sight