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Started by ella_mental, May 20, 2008, 10:43:54 pm

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Groovy ! That was cool. Nice outfits and the dance moves
were truly splendid, great job.
I hope you make more.

i second that!
Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


Thanks.  Of course, you can\'t see my sweatpants and how many times I almost fell over.

That video wasn\'t something I planned.  It just sort of happened.  So I take comfort in that, because I\'m really not the kind to be dancing on Youtube.


^your smile during some of the dancing was a telltale sign that you were really having fun and made me want to shake my tail feathers too. btw I agree, that is a great song.


I thought I\'d display some of my photo editing prowess.  I have a flamingo that has different holiday outfits.


Ella you are a multi-talented person, I really enjoy your work! Dig the Floyd vid quite a bit! Thanks!


March 17, 2009, 02:31:37 pm #20 Last Edit: March 17, 2009, 02:34:04 pm by ella_mental
Thank you.  I just do whatever creative endeavor seems like a good idea at the time.  I\'m learning the invaluable lesson of revision and the lesson of learning in general.  Some things I do work, some fail miserably.  I did that flamingo picture a few years ago.  I like that particular picture for how absolutely terrible it is.


Wishing everyone a Happy Equinox!  This is a poem I wrote in 2004.  It captures where I\'m at today, so to honor that I thought I\'d share it.

Remembering Summer's Song

I don't know where Summer has gone.
Its presence always escapes.
When I ponder seasons past in my life
I realize Summer too late.

I hasten into Fall
Craving coolness to soothe my spirit.
When I hear the brisk knock on the door
I wish it would be Summer more.

I shudder thinking of harsh Winter.
It bites with chills inside
As I watch the setting Sun die
And lament Summer passing me by.

I dream of dreary awakening Spring
A time to begin refreshing things
Life coming to abound
With hope Summer's song is joyous sound.

I don't know where Summer has gone
But its lingering melody reveals
Empowering and glorious warmth
And I remember how Summer feels.


Here is some painting I did.  I don\'t think I\'ll ever be a canvas painter.  Right now I paint glass...sometimes.  I\'d like to do some stained glass eventually.

These are Christmas ornaments I made for family & friends as gifts this past Christmas.


If you don\'t mind wasting about 7 minutes of your life, here is a video I made.  I busted out my favorite toy, my kaleidoscope.  This is the kind of stuff I can watch all day, but that\'s just me.

Chris DiCicco

2:50 - 3:07 is my fav\'s

vrrry tript out now, saved for later.

The Exosphere  2013


I feel like posting one of my poems, so I\'m going to.

Ritual Of Cleansing

I long for the Earth to swallow me
Disperse my living force among the dead
I will lay down in sorrow at my Family's side
In a wound that has recently bled

I long for the Earth to swallow me
Digest the bittersweet of blood and flesh
I will lay down as sustenance among the dying vines
And be filled with ancient breath

I long for the Earth to swallow me
I long to slip inside the ancient womb
I will lay down in the comfort of fertile living soil
And wait for my body to be exhumed


Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


April 16, 2009, 11:02:58 pm #27 Last Edit: April 16, 2009, 11:03:46 pm by ZQ
Ella! Loving all your goodies....and that is a
beautiful poem!!!!! Thank you for sharing it!

BIG HUGZ!  :-*

Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.


Thanks ZQ.  I hope you are doing well.  I thought of you when I posted that photochop atrocity.


Here is a video I made to a Buckethead song.

I shot the footage in my basement.  It\'s very Silence of the Lambs down there.