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Started by Chris DiCicco, September 16, 2010, 09:50:46 pm

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Chris DiCicco

new music

DiCicco Rahn Musical Bridge Project (Fast Jazz Fusion Space Dub)

Red Windows Nietzsche (Prog Metal)

Chris DiCicco :featuring My Guitar Student and Step Dad Milton Demaray: Rejected by the Best (Ballad\' ders Trip out nee)

Internet only : Jimmy Page is My Asian Grandma (ROCK)

Loping Wolf Native American Flute Album.... (ETHNIC)
lotso people involved too many to name.
The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

DiCicco Rahn Musical Bridge Project


$3.00 ( 1$ too Studio, 1$ too Thomas, 1$ too My Dad Dan)

ships free.
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hi !!!

its really a informative post...

thanks for your information ...........

Chris DiCicco

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Chris DiCicco

both DRDW and the DiCicco Rahn Musicial Bridge Project Albums are on the MySpace MP3 format for anyone who can download off there squashed n free.

the Red Windows project will not be released.

My next talky album will begin SO0ON!

formerly known as Chic Disc Rico after that.
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