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My Buckethead art

Started by Ripplin, June 17, 2007, 04:40:23 am

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Here are some Buckethead-related things I\'ve done:

(just played around with a screen grab from Rock in Rio III)

(right side up version existed. I flipped it and added the funeral sticker)

(made this for MTZ. It\'s a Buckethead Gundam :) )

(made this for whitbot. "Releasing the Chickens.")

(just for fun)

(first Buckethead sign, based on the Hollywood sign)

(second sign, based on the ancient Hollywoodland sign)


right on rip.  good stuff.

Alex R

Is there a website where people host all of the art that they\'ve made of Buckethead? I have redrawn all of my ISOT covers onto A4 paper and would like to put them somewhere...
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I wish Buckethead would come to the UK.
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i really like the BH transformer one and the Bucketheadland one ;D
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NICE Rip. I gotta get a scanner so I can upload a drawing I\'ve got. Hopefully I\'ll get one for Christmas
Let your inspirations flow into whatever you do.


Thanks, S.L. :)

Hey, for now, maybe you could just take a picture of it? Just make sure the area is well lit and try doing it in macro to get more detail.


^I\'ll try that later. If it works, oh boy do I have quite a bit to add. But I don\'t have the best camera either. ???
Let your inspirations flow into whatever you do.


QuoteBut I don\'t have the best camera either.
Neither do I, but it\'s good for macro. Just keep it steady!


that last bucketheadland pic.
if Big B himself had finished recording Bucketheadland 3, then he\'ll probs use that pic and add on some tweaks.

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I\'d buy the Big B bigsby in a second! :P
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Ripplin you can share source codes of the last image. please