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Edelis - music of energy of Inspiration [FREE MP3]

Started by Edelis, January 10, 2010, 09:52:10 am

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My name is Vladimir, I the composer.
I would be very pleased to hear what you think of my music. Please stop by, listen, and tell me what you think, how it made you feels, etc.
Thank you a million times!

Edelis - Sensation of the World (2009)

Album «Sensation of the World» can not be referred to a particular style. The mysterious melodies in splendid arrangement contain elements of mysticism from Ambient, harmony from New-Age, wisdom from Ethno. The synthesised sounds, live instruments, magic rhythms take our thoughts and feelings with ease to the mysterious walls of the town «Edelis». The author has contributed the energy of inspiration and love in the album «Sensation of the World». The compositions will create specific cosiness and comfort for you.

Download MP3 [30 - 60 sec.]:

The beauty will save the World
The person and the Masquerade
Soon night

Download MP3 [ Full version]: Sensation of the World              

Listen [FlashPlayer] >>> Sensation of the World


January 14, 2010, 10:30:22 am #1 Last Edit: January 28, 2010, 09:31:44 am by Duckhead
Hi Vladimir, most of my friends just call me Duck. Nice to meet you.   8)

 I listen to alot of old school punk, ska, rockabilly, funk, techno and Buckethead. But to balance that hardcore side of me out, I also listen to my fair share of world/new age/after party music. I like it more upbeat, some ambient styles are just boring imo. Big fan of IDM also Deep Forest, Enigma, Joseph LoDuca\'s celtic music from the Xena soundtracks, alot of Putumayo world music groove and lounge cd\'s. I would say your music falls in this category for me, I liked it.  :D

 Your music is inspiring, at first I just listened to the flash player (wish that page would translate for me so I can read the info) but even without being able to read it I\'m pretty sure I can guess what the comments said. After listening to most of the album I did download it - thanks!

 I\'ll listen to this a few more times - I live in a coastal rainforest near one of Hawaii\'s tallest waterfalls and go for a few mile run a couple times a week and this is the type of music I like listen to. I will absorb more during that time as I get better connected to the music and focus on every little sound. But I can already tell that the beats and rhythm will blend very well. As I listen I can visualize the trees, the pastures and running water, I can also smell the wetness and life of the forest. Your music is uplifting, calming and happy. It also has a tantric essence to it and will be nice to listen to in the bedroom with my lady Duck  ;).

 Are you a Buckethead or Viggo fan? Friend of TDRS? If so what albums inspire you? I hear the channeling of some Brian Eno/ Pat Metheny in your music maybe? a little Peruvian flute? Also I think I heard some live drums blended with the synth drums (or did my ears fool me?)

 Thanks again for sharing, Aloha.


Thanks, I am very glad that you liked music. I the author of project Edelis. I very much like to listen Mythos, Mike Oldfield, Deep Forest, Enigma.

I badly know English. This all that I can respond..

I wish good luck in creativity.