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Started by D, December 01, 2009, 09:38:01 am

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Hey.. some of you know me from other boards I\'m no longer part of .. so this may be old news..

As a hobby I take photos, Its not as out there as most of the art buckethead fans are into.. but its what I do.. landscapes and animals and nature and whatnot.

so heres the link.. .


the first two pages are the best.. and it gets progressively more uninteresting as ya head toward the last few pages.

have a look, enjoy.. or not.

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Your pics are great D!  I like the reflection of the Tetons and the rattlesnake.


 I really like your photography! I like the Crow or raven, Wyoming,Bison, Mammoth, long road at the bottom of the USA, Zion Squirrel made me laugh.


Super D! So wonderful how you have the opportunity to adventure and capture the amazing wide variety!  :)

Big Huge HUGZ!  :)

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