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Started by sngwthme, May 06, 2007, 10:22:27 pm

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This post is for everyone and anyone, but most especially for those who have had a chance to listen to anything that Chris Moss has put up on TDRS forum and/or at the Huzzi. I am here to let you all in on a secret. As fantastic as the acid is that has been posted, there is absolutely nothing that can compare to hearing and watching Chris Moss live. Although it's been a few weeks since my return, I was recently able to travel to London on Holiday and as an added bonus Chris had a show booked during that time.
Let me just say, it was incredible. What a treat!!  Unlike anything I have experienced and I mean it when I say live Acid is truly an experience. I haven't seen anyone musically with so much energy on a stage in a long time and I see a lot of shows. Chris really knows what he is doing and the greatest part is he has the best time doing it. He really gets the crowd involved and even jumped off stage a few times to go crazy with everyone and the Acid never skipped a beat. As I told you that night Chris, I don't know how you do it, going back and forth to the different boards you use and keep them all in sync, I was fascinated and the sound that comes out is amazing, you really feel it all the way through. This truly is an art and Chris Moss has mastered the craft.
A HUGE thank you Chris for letting me know about your gig and hanging out with me as your time permitted. I encourage everyone to experience this either live or as posted on the forum. It was a great adventure!!



"I love Acid for the way it makes me move. I love Acid it\'s the sound you can\'t improve. I love Acid get inside this nasty groove. I love Acid going round and round and round. I love Acid going in and up and down. I love Acid get inside this fleshy sound. I love Acid with a dirty kick-ass beat. I love Acid move your mind and move your feet. I love Acid get inside and feel this beat. I love Acid feel it flowing in my dreams. I love Acid it\'s the hypnotic extreme. I love Acid get inside this sound supreme. I love Acid TB-303 romance. I love Acid it\'ll put you in a trance. I love Acid get inside this dirty dance. I love Acid it\'ll never loose it\'s grip. I love Acid it\'s the sound that makes you flip. I love Acid get inside take the trip. I love Acid i say that fact with pride. I love Acid and I\'ll love it till I die. I love Acid get inside enjoy the ride. I love Acid it\'s the way the changes flow. I love Acid as the basslines grows and grows. I love Acid and that\'s how the feeling goes ... about Acid."