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Wolfie\'s all-purpose post

Started by WolfenMoondaughter, July 04, 2006, 03:29:29 am

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Hello! I\'m a 2-d artist and a staff writer for the pop-culture webzine Sequential Tart. I discovered this site while poking around the Internet for information on Vince DiCola. I just did a bunch of writing on Transformers and G.I. Joe for this month\'s issue, and of course his work came up. Hell, I\'m listening to the Transformers soundtrack right now -- which I own in both CD format & vinyl ;)

I\'d like to extend the invitation to the various musicians here. While I admit Tart is first and foremost a comic-book industry mag, we also conduct interviews with artisans of all non-comic fields for our "Culture Vultures" section, as well as do reviews of music (among other things). I myself just did an interview for this month\'s issue with industrial musician Tim Collier. So I recommend you look through our "Report Card" (that\'s our review section), at the music category, and see if there\'s a Tart who has positively-reviewed music that you think fits your style , and email her about possibly sending her a demo. (Bear in mijnd that the Tart in question may be busy or may no longer be working for us, so please don\'t be offended if she says no, but you never know unless you try, right? :))

My other purpose for this post is to, as an artist, ask the musicians here a few questions regarding cover art:

A) how do you usually get your album covers made? I mean, do you use friends, do you hunt around online for an artist, does your studio pick the cover for you, do you do it yourself?....

And b) if you hire the artist, what do you think is a fair asking price for cover/jacket layouts?

I\'d like to get into doing cover art, but I\'m not sure how to go about it....
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Chris DiCicco

first off welcome to the Forum.

I\'m a Musician play a little of everything, Experimental Music is and has been My choice of media as for the album art I do a good to fair to poor job at it, I understand, gatefold, double wing insert, placement of Riff and have 7 albums out there in the world floating around diffrent parts of the world (or so I would think) I am in constant contact with a Guitar Player named Chic Disc Rico or CDR for short, he\'s been trying to learn 7 string Guitar so My contact at the moment has been scattered.

I can have him contact yer Mag and do an Interview, but He\'s not INTERNET SUAVE.....

Anyway WELCOME.....
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i have passed your link on to my son, who does animation and has a great interest in comic book genre - he probably already knows of it, but just on the off chance...

good luck and welcome!

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Thank-you both for the warm welcome!! :) Chris, if CDR can type at least, you can always email the answers to us for him if he can\'t use email :) We do the HTML coding ourselves. And GKG, I hope your son enjoys it :)
...is a Tart and a deviant.