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my song on the radio

Started by CMA, December 19, 2005, 09:08:56 pm

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On the 23rd of December one of my friends is doing a radio show on Resonance FM about Dr.John Lilly which features an unreleased Song by me at the end of the show, Check out Resnance FM\'s Website and listen to the broadcast on the 23rd December

Chris DiCicco


Thats all us Musicians need is radio play , I made some connections with radio DJ Friends but nothing panned out, I sent them The Cosmic We..... but Nadah!

To spread the words, style or sound I believe TCW would have gotten some strangeo\'s digging it.

don\'t know if I\'ll be around Radio but website you gave from above post said they Podcast the show so May Hap I\'ll buy a podcast, what ever a Podcast is...

Dig Dug !!


hey I\'m at 600 , shish what a post\'er I am....
The Exosphere  2013


Wow Chris Moss this is great. I am sorry I missed it! :(
Have been away for a bit. I went to the site to see if there were past shows you could listen in on and got lost. Do you know if it is still up somewhere there? If not which song was played and do you maybe have it up on the Huzzi?


 ::) songs playing on X102.3......thats in florida



way to go Chris!!  that must have been cool
happy trails,


hoorah for you, Mr. Moss!!!


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Why am I not suprised? As always Moss, I am blown away. I\'ll just go hang out in the Huzzi groupie corner and listen again. I like it very much indeed!


why thank you!

done alot of work last year which never got put on the huzzi... i think it may be time to have a geez, and put some up