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Re: 2 new songz

Started by gkg, March 21, 2005, 11:41:19 pm

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image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved

Chris DiCicco

 " Back in the Huzzi Cha Cha.. Back in the Huzzi Cha Cha..
  Gonna get wozzi cause I\'m Back in the Huzzi Cha Cha..

  Cha Cha the Huzzihut the Huzzihut Cha Cha Cha..." 8)

The Exosphere  2013


chris.. we need to collabo on some songs or a whole project. US vs. UK

shoot me back


easy - give me an e-mail and i\'ll see what i can do.

my laptop broke with all my stuff on it, most of it was backed up on my pc, but i cant find my installation disk for my music interface programe, so untill i do i\'m all analog baby  :-*


Sorry to hear about your laptop. I hope everything is back up and running now.  I just listened to all of your songs from the site. I was blown away. Truly amazing. It reminded me a lot of Aphex Twin, although your music has a distinctly different sounds. I am very impressed with your work. I would love to do on some album artwork for you. Add another fan to the ranks.



I know you people must have been worried about me, not being around for a few weeks. The reason being, is my laptop is at the menders Again - i tripped over the audio out cable and busted the socket this: and my right speaker blew up from too much hardcore

but being optimistic i will have it back this week;
i just wanted to let everyone know that i am safe and i will return with some mint acid to download


Tristan thank you very much for your time to check out my stuff, due to the fact i havnt had audio output i havnt done anything new for a while, well i tell a lie, i been busting out some analog hardware songs, using a tr-707 and zoom 123 rythm trak basslines *using it as if it was a 303*.. i will plonk that back up on the net when im back.


Also a new album from me coming next month "Tregenwell" so look out for that


Huzzi tac records is on its way, already i have 2 artists, the delightful Chris dicasso, shards from his first effort "how to make soup" and his 2nd album "the cosmic we going up next month, and plucked from my very own home town of bournemouth, i bring you the Fantastic egmatic Poet Hi-Ho, brining spoken word and story telling in his album "vegitables are fighting back".

Chris DiCicco

 no worry\'s but spelling is Chris DiCicco,

how to say this word ,  DEE See CO

just to clarify, I\'ve been called everything from Dusyco to Dadicko and Duhsisso.

family legend or joke ( you dicide ) is when we came over on the mayflower my ancestors thought DiCicco ( Duh Cheeck O ) didn\'t sound good so we changed it to DiCicco ( DEE See Co )

sorry for being cute, but I\'m glad to be part of Huzzi Tac named whatever....

KA ris
The Exosphere  2013


trippy music!i like! ;D
i am a nincompoop mama said!


im taking control of the drum machine.

Chris DiCicco

The Exosphere  2013


has anyone ever bought a CD of yours Chris?

Chris DiCicco

Don, theres 3 of us Chris\'s flowting around on here.... I guess I\'ll answer for my self..


The Exosphere  2013


no, i usually just send them out for free

check my website for new reslease soon