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Started by CMA, February 02, 2005, 03:54:32 pm

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if peopel are wondering whats up with me at the moment it\'s nothing bad or writers block or anything like that. I Moved house and i have no internet connection at the moment of my own.. only my house mates.

i am going insane, one day i wake up and i listen to the eels on the way to work, the next day i\'ll listen to gameboy music by YMKC <-- [check them out]

 the next day i listen to hardcore acid techno then i get really into that for a few days then i drop everything and listen to pure frequncies fort a few hours..then i listen to some 1970\'s disco rock... and sometimes it\'s too much too much to handle. i\'v not settled down into one genere since iw as 17-18 when it was all about rock and guitars i could whip out a full album in a week, now it takes me a week just to programe hi-hats...im becoming a perfectionist. oh well..............Now

my next project is a FLP project of a new album and valentines day songs for peopel who request them for a loved one, my drum programming has hit new highs and my guitar bass and genral madness will bloom.

i have a DJ set on the 10th, which i\'ll play various mash ups, noise, ragga core/gabba and such, everything that can annoy.. it\'s being put on a trendy wine bar. so im sure there will be complaints, ect ;).. i was thinking about doing a live 170bpm brad striker acid set too, but i\'m still thinking about it.

Dead puppy records are waiting for new songs to come in so i can re-mix them and my album will hit the website early summer which will probally be may-ish

there will be a general huzzi update some time after the 10th, but god knows what it\'ll be..but i\'m one step ahead of everyone,..i think?

GKG recived a mammoth ammount of music and video spanning from 2003-2004 by me, including stuff i havnt released or finished or never will finish and rubbish tracks, so im looking forward to huge review on that "hint hint - nudge nudge".

Also Check out some new Analord 1 + 2, Bwoon dub is so RDJ.. it\'s amazingly produced! WOW!!

And lastly.. im excited about the superbowl this sunday...im doing a beer and curry night to cheer for the eagles.



hint taken - it\'s all very hot - but full review will have to wait - freaking CORPORATE HELL is making my life nuts and missing work with what i thought was a sprained ankle (turns out i fractured the fucker) has me jammed up.  i feel like some mafia reject - i\'ve now broken both my ankles... life is fun.

XO - review soon - gimme time to write it up proper son.  :-*

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