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Christmas gig

Started by oldfolkie, December 17, 2004, 10:34:08 pm

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I\'ve had the good fortune the past 3 years to accompany a marvellous one-man show where the actor, John Huston, impersonates Charles Dickens reading "Scrooge", otherwise known as "A Christmas Carol". I\'m one of a quartet singing Yorkshire Pub Carols in between the staves. Great fun! And I get to brag that I\'ve "played the National Arts Centre" (even if it IS the community stage... :P)!

We just finished our 3-day run. Music for the weekend days is provided by the eclectic folk trio Finest Kind (who are!). Our two groups share a bass, Shelley Posen. He\'s the glue for quite a few singing groups around here.

Finest Kind & John Huston have just put out a CD (Feasts & Spirits) with excerpts from the show (although there isn\'t that much overlap with the music my group sings there is a bit, & it\'s all much the same flavour). It was selected CD of the week by Wisconsin Public Radio.  8)

I know this isn\'t quite the usual stuff Travis features, but hey, it\'s all good music!

Links, for those interested:

I\'d be interested to hear if anyone else has season-related gigs, too.  
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


"Yorkshire Pub Carols" man wish I could have seen & heard that. I love it! Sounds like great fun to me and I bet you sounded fantastick! Thanks for sharing that and the links!


woo-hoo!! wish i\'d been able to get to that!!!!   :-*

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that sounds really great.  i love dickens!  and pub carols omg.  live!

its the holiday pot luck talent show at my kung fu school tomorrow.  me and my mates are doing an electric cover of the theme song from the jet li movie once upon a time in china.  lee is gonna play sax on the breaks and there will be a kazoo chorus too.  maybe ill post clips from it if i can figure out how-
the map is not the territory


A Kazoo Chorus? Would love to hear that and yeah gotta see this! Yes please put up some clips if you can.
and Good luck tomorrow, have fun!!


Yeah, break a leg! Kazoo chorus sounds right up my alley. There are so many neat things going on at this time of year. All the wonderful music & shows are the best part of the season, imho. So much fun!  ;D
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


hello so here i am again-
the kazoos didnt form a chorus exactly, not yet.  we are definitely going to do that again. i love rehersals too.  i might be able to edit a clip for you of the talent show, not sure yet.

it was great.  this song is like a martial arts anthem because of how it is in that famous trilogy movie with jet li.   it is a chinese song so it has this interesting rhythm.  and its in a minor key, yum my favorite.  its funny how the sentiment is so positive even though the melody is in a minor key.  most the songs i like in minor keys are sad songs.  

the song is sung in mandarin. so i put together these english lyrics from a cross section of some wooden translations and movie subtitles.      it looks like we are going to make it our kwoon anthem and sing it after the lions dance.  i hope you enjoy them too-

with pride we face 10,000 storms
we rise up like the sun at dawn
forged in courage
steely spirit
eyes open wide
vision reaching high
we vow to be our dream:
a hero team

to be a hero team
we must train everyday
righteous hero team
keep shining like the sun!

sky and sea give power to our team
we make our destiny
dreams will lead the charge forward
see the sky so blue and high
the sea so deep and wide
heros strong and bright

standing strong and straight and proud we are
the hero team
others see the light
because we shine so bright

to be a hero team
our spirits must burn bright
brighter than the sun!
the map is not the territory




image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved