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Fletch lives Project Summer 2005

Started by CMA, November 30, 2004, 01:49:28 am

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Summer 2005 = The 5th Fletch lives project album. Im Very Excited about this. But untill then Check out one of my huge side projects with my friend.. We formed the Fletch lives Project while at college in 2002, because everything sucked. so we got together and made a noise, and at one point got our songs played at a night club [it cleared the floor] but oh well it\'s a start. from what began as a Free tripod site grew to what is now a .com website. We like ninjas and pirates, and i also make films on there. and Rock N\' Roll songs, with a new album coming out  Summer 2005. My friend does some very Weird photo shopping of me as well. it\'s all fun fun we also have a forum witch is always dead, so please go on there and make some noise.
Feedback would be very welcome.. wicked!
Chris Moss