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Nunchucks Discussion With Senator Hatch

Started by eggman90, July 14, 2009, 08:55:50 pm

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QuoteWatch Sen. Hatch and Judge Sotomayor talk nunchucks-freaky.


Do you think there will be a run on throwing stars?


Well, this is certainly not the first time we have heard of nunchuk bans and the like. The comments section of that page makes me happy I post here, this is a much friendlier environment.

I have been totally ignoring the Sotomayer nomination because it\'s just a circus and after it\'s all over she is most likely going to be the next Supreme Court Judge. I knew when I voted the next President was going to appoint a SC judge. Contoversy or not, anyone who watched the Clarence Thomas hearings knows that (aside from being a total unqualified tool like Harriet Miers) the President\'s appointed judge will get the job

I have also been politically active on both national and local levels all my adult life and am totally sick and tired of it. I\'m taking a break. I see how people get get totally disintrested in politics, otherwise you get totally consumed by it.

As a ambitious young voter I was very political, I can make a change! I campaign, I vote, I write letters, I wait. And then as you grow older you start to realize how f*cked *p thing\'s are. No one is looking out for my or my family\'s best intrests, politics is all about the best intrests of politicians and big business. So eventually you just become one of these people who watches the news and reads the paper everyday only to get pissed and angry about what is happening, or.... You stop paying attention all together. Why else do only 50% of the eligible voting population vote?

This next year I am taking a break from national politics. No TV news, No newspapers. Does anyone else feel that way, just totally burnt out? Eggman, your posts will probably be the only source of political news I will get (aside from political rantings of a few of my beloved family and friends).

Wow what a long post, guess that stuff has been building up for a while, Sorry I got off topic but nunchuks was the last straw!

As for throwing starts, let\'s start stockpiling just in case  ;)


I totally agree, Duckhead.  You\'ve put my thoughts into words. ::)