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Started by whitewolf, October 20, 2007, 08:15:44 am

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We all have our individual characteristics.

Just like the bass, drum & keyboard are 3 different instruments, they still are able to work together in synchronization. This means that the bass, drum & keyboard not always play exactly alike, but still they blend together to form a carefully selected cycle of self-sustaining harmony without losing their individual independence.

Synchronization is an excellent philosophy.

Synchronization should also be the relationship between you, your family, your friends and everyone else in society, that all different aspects of philosophy, culture & religion are synchronized without losing their individual independence.

Federal Syncretism is the concern for independency & synchronization.
* Just be more friendly towards eachother *




October 21, 2007, 06:13:23 am #2 Last Edit: December 15, 2007, 10:36:02 pm by whitewolf
Thanks Tikitaki .

The use of Syncretism is by at least 2500 years old, the modern term was coined in England in 1618. The ancient Romans called it; Syncretismus, the ancient Greeks called it; Synkretismos.

Synkretismos is probably redirected from Synoikismos, which means "dwelling together".

Syncretism was used during the Roman empire, because in those days the Roman polytheïsts, Judaists & Christians couldn\'t get along with eachother. Therefor syncretism was used by the emperor to bring different religions closer together without losing their individual independence, thereby promoting peace between different cultures & religions.

How to celebrate syncretism ?

Society may celebrate syncretism with; music, feast, dance, food, drink, wine, free market. If these kind of celebrations are organised once a year, it would bring people of different cultures closer together. Even amongst Christians; there are catholics, protestants, you bring them all together and let them celebrate the synchronization between their religions.

Syncretism doesn\'t mean fusing religions.

Synretism means feast, or to party without any discontent. But it\'s a type of party where people especially come together to celebrate the synchronization between different religions, cultures etc., to put an end to the discontent towards eachother and instead replace it with happiness.

Synretism makes people happy, party, laugh & dance.

Personally I consider my self to be a Greek polytheïst, which means my polytheism is much different than that from the Romans or Phoenicians. Therefor us Romans, Greeks & Phoenicians should come together and feast to forget our differences, wine is a drink of the Gods.

Therefor lets celebrate polytheïstic syncretism with honey sweet wine from the Mediterranean.
* Just be more friendly towards eachother *


October 23, 2007, 06:44:30 pm #3 Last Edit: October 23, 2007, 06:45:10 pm by carvingtrst
good information.. i just used  that word yesterday while watching the secret recipe dvd. theres a little part of the "live in boston" footage where the video wasnt in sync with the sound.


Quotegood information.. i just used  that word yesterday while watching the secret recipe dvd.

Welcome Carvingtrst.

Have noticed the Sync button on my keyboard & 4 track recorder, I always wondered what Synchronization really stands for. When I learned about Syncretism & Severus, that\'s when it opened my eyes really.

What synchronization basically means;
"We are not all exactly alike, but still we can work together."

This is probably the wisdom of the ages, am full of wonder & miracle these days. Ever need a consult, maybe I can be of services.

I wish for a harmonious society in balance with nature.

Best regards,
* Just be more friendly towards eachother *