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$100 laptop to developing nations

Started by SantaStef, October 24, 2006, 02:21:00 am

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This week I\'m attending a conference on mobile learning.  There are so many advancements in handheld technology and laptops to developing nations.

The keynote today spoke about her vision and humanitarian effort to give every child in developing nations a laptop.  She was part of a non-profit team to design a $100 laptop that runs on crank power (no cords), takes 2 watts of energy to run, converts from a laptop to a tablet for reading e-books, has different display requirements for students, and many other well designed features.  The whole premise of the project was to reduce the cost of print textbooks to the children of developing nations.  This project will be launched next year.  It is brilliant.  They have thought about every detail.

The project has so many benefits for the children, education, economy, and environment.  To me it seemed so perfect until later today I attended another session on the philosophy of m-learning in Africa.  The presenter had a valid point which brought to light the African traditions and culture.  It is based on the circle which has no end.  The community and fellowship are the center of their philosophy.  In the Western world, when we learn it is done individually and then the knowledge is shared with our friends.  In many developing countries the community works, educates, and practices their faith as a tribe.  There is no word in their language for "I".

So supplying $100 laptops to children for education is outstanding and should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but the ability to respect, balance, and educate within the parameters of their culture, tradition and invading Western learning philosophies will be much more desirable than just the technology.



sure sounds like a neat project - i hope it gets off the ground!

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