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someone\'s playing dirty against immigrant voters

Started by gkg, October 17, 2006, 05:53:57 pm

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i have to wonder if this is happening in other states and we just haven\'t heard yet.

what horrible low-life people would do such crap????

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Hi gkg,

Thanks for posting this news.  It is appalling.  I hear so much about threats to control non-white cultures, but this is over the top.  I don't understand why a person would try to control the actions of people who enrich their communities with their culture, traditions, and strong work ethic.  Many of these people work many times harder to achieve the most basic needs, like shelter, food, water, clothing, education, and income, and this is the respect they receive in return.

The person who composed this letter is not one who values the diversity of nations and the struggles and contributions they achieve daily to survive.

They deserve better.