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Time for the Popular Vote!

Started by gkg, June 21, 2006, 06:07:41 pm

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G, I hope you understand I am for 'one man - one vote.'  The Popular Vote does do this and obviously very successfully.  I am for any system that gives my vote an equal value as any one else's across the country.  I only support a modified College if the percentage of electorates were equal to the popular vote out of each state.  I don't know if a modified College does this, because I am not a mathematician.  I think you are saying potato and I am saying potato (I don't know how to get my computer to do syllable accents, but I am sure you get the idea.)  The irony of this whole thing is that your vote will soon be as uncounted as mine, welcome.   8)


I feel that I have come in here and disrupted a comfort zone for you and buswolley. so I will let you have it back.

There are two subjects you can never argue and expect to win, no matter how well thought out your comments - 1st is politics and the 2nd is religion.  

You haven\'t disrupted my comfort, you will just never persuade me, although I will listen and consider all be it with rolling eyes.