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"Curb Bush\'s powers"????

Started by SantaStef, March 28, 2006, 05:00:12 pm

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Check this out...

Is this you really think he will have a chance at a fair trial? the land of the free...there sure is a lot of bias....

...its shocking and I\'m sure it happens all the time


since Antonin Scalia doesn\'t think that those at Guantanamo HAVE a right to civil rights and trials, no - i don\'t think we\'re going to see anything productive come out of Bush\'s Supremes.

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Please, if you have a huge problem letting this President off the hook for his law breaking and arrogance, PLEASE WRITE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TODAY. maybe if we all do something we can make a tipping point and get these sheep we have elected to stand up to the @!@#^&! (excuse me)
Listen to John Dean...
I sent this to my representative, who is republican. My other reps are Democrat; I can\'t believe they are cowering again...

"Please vote for for the Censure of this President, He deserves to be impeached for breaking the law.
Please do not stand on party lines, the road this administration is leading us on is a dangerous one. World opinion would be better served if they saw that the people do not support his arrogance and failed leadership.

Listen to John Dean and support Senator Feingold\'s motion. What was wrong in the 60\'s is still wrong today. Do not subscribe to the words like democtratic party stunts and foolishness... it is GOP spin tactics to try and diffuse and counter the real issue. Stand against this theocratic party that is truly "not of the people"."

always and forever


April 10, 2006, 05:25:55 pm #3 Last Edit: April 11, 2006, 04:03:44 pm by gkg
my partner and i have written repeatedly to Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein - to no avail - we get told that while they agree that what he is doing is deplorable they don\'t yet feel there is enough to empeach him on.  so far he has killed thousands of people and robbed the country blind, but he hasn\'t spilled semen on someone twit\'s dress so i guess we know what the true measure of impeachable behaviour is in this twisted bizarro world we call the US Government.

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gkg  I sent a letter to Carl Levin - Mi- urging censure at least . DOD


I live in a red state.  And when I say red I mean not even a hint of blue -- not even a little purple!  Anyway, if you write your representatives in this state you will receive a form letter back.  It states: thanks but we don\'t really care.

I read the article (WOW.)  I am pretty sure that is not what the Constitution says.  I would love to see the UN bring them all up on war crimes.


I sorely wish there was something we could do from this side of the border to help, but unfortunately we seem to be heading in the same direction -- misguided voters just elected a baby bush regime here too.  :\'( However, they\'re a minority & may not last long (I have to keep my hopes up).
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


good job, [glb]DOD[/glb]!  i just sent another email to Boxer yesterday, in response to her sending me an email patting herself on the back for working to keep cell phone numbers out of registries - i told her thanks for the important work, now get on the ball with the impeachment.

[glb]buswolley[/glb] - even though you\'ll get a form letter, send those letters in anyway - you need to exercise that right and keep your "leaders" informed of your disapproval of their complicity in this charade called the Bush Administration.

[glb]oldfolkie[/glb] - yes, i was mildly shocked to see the way the Canadian elections went.  not to rain on your parade, but we thought the Bush thing was a one off too, that their "supporters" were a minority.  the thing is they seem to have a way of manufacturing support and keeping hold of power - resistance early and with a show of seriously monitoring the situation is the only way to guard against more of what we have here.  it\'s not the only facet, but the whole voting machine thing is truly alarming.

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You know the most frustrating thing about Bush is that he is a poor leader.  There are so many brilliant minds in America. He could harness and support this talent and find solutions to the gas wars by finding a new renewable, self-sufficient resource (like water, wind, or solar power).  
Even though this may take years, once the solution is established, the country could market it to the world. Then who cares about is running out anyway... But instead he is not an entrepreneur looking for innovation and setting a new world order.  He is all about reacting and dominating and commanding.  

To lead, you would need a person who is proactive, who can empower people to find solutions, and who has a vision.  He is not leading; he is dispatching.


[glb]SantaStef[/glb]unfortunately, i believe that Bush IS leading, but he is leading to fulfill a personal agenda for a small group of Americans, rather than leading for the benefit and support of the country\'s best interests.  indeed, what you say is true, a good leader could and would do those things - but Bush is not simply dispatching in my view, he has a set of goals and priorities that simply do not maintain the best interests of the country as a whole but rather to his few within his narrow perspective.  he is a dangerous man for the very fact that he can and does lead, albeit in a serious and illegal manner.

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April 11, 2006, 07:38:04 pm #10 Last Edit: April 11, 2006, 07:38:28 pm by Stef

I share your opinion too.  It seems Bush will be the master of his own destruction (greed and power), but he will take the country and its people with him.  

Rome didn\'t fall in a day, but it had a beginning.  Similarly, Bush is sending the country in a downward spiral through division of loyalty.  He might be labeled in the history books as the leader that began the fall of America.  


I think Bush is one of the most effective U.S. presidents ever. The effect is negative.
I'm Sorry


Santastef,    You are absolutely right when you say Rome did not fall in a day.  The slow but steady selling of American treasury to foreign-held interests will be the "fall of the Roman empire."

The top two buyers of Treasury debt: 36% is held by Japan, 10% goes to China.  Two weeks ago Japans' Prime Minister sent a panic through financial markets when he announced that in reference to Japan's foreign reserves, "I believe diversification is necessary."  It was not until the Japanese finance minister stated that Koizumi did not advocate diversifying out of dollars that the turmoil died down.  

England at the height of its power made a very wise decision.  Instead of borrowing money from foreign interests they loaned money out.  Thus solidifying their place in a less "English" dominated world.  America can not say the same thing.  

The United States only saving grace here is that most of the world right now wants to be paid in greenbacks, relying on the stability of the dollar.  Many counties use the dollar to support at least two-third of their own treasuries.  But the question is -- will the dollar loose its appeal?  Will foreign governments look to countries like China that have a high-saving based economy?  Are governments abroad willing to jeopardize their own economies on the hope that America will wise up?  

It is wildly thought, that the next 25 to 50 years we will see an America that is no longer a world leader.  But, instead a second rate nation.  I don't believe that G.W. is the sole responsible party in all this mess.  However, in the words of a much more understanding President - The buck really does stop here.

Sorry I know this was a little off subject, but...