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Started by SantaStef, April 10, 2006, 03:13:17 pm

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I very recently viewed an independent short film on campus.  It was about a young woman from India who has her life changed forever because of one incident.  The theme of the story is female infanticide, which is done quietly by both women and men because of cultural beliefs.  Baby girls born to poor families in India are looked upon as not "human" and are considered a financial burden.  This horrifies me, ...I almost walked out of the theatre.  I was a deer in headlights...it was hard to watch, but I continued to watch to better understand the circumstances.

I work with children and young adults, and can\'t imagine the disassociation these people make when committing this horrific crime. This definitely hit my nerve.  There is a strong need to educate women and men about the value of a girl's life.  

BTW: I\'m not a feminist; I just want equality for all humans...regardless of age, race, religion, gender or disabilities.  Anyone who is marginalized or suppressed must be emancipated!

On the subject of infanticide I find myself terribly disturbed and emotionally traumatized by this illegal practice that I think my bias and emotion would most likely interfere with my approach to change this practice.  Moreover, how can you change a religious and cultural belief that is very strongly held by both sexes?

I apologize for the subject matter, but there is a definite need for action and education, and I want to contribute to a solution, but where to begin?



no need to apologize - and since you seek equality for all, i am curious what you think about gender selection.  it\'s not as brutal as infanticide, but it is certainly skewed toward setting up an unequal society - the wealthy can now (and some choose to) use technology to select what gender they will give birth to.

soon the technology will be to a point where one can select the eye color, hair color, sexual orientation, and other features of the child one will give birth to.

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